Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner | Guest Blog by Jo Wittmann | Witt & Co Events, LLC

Setting aside part of your budget for a wedding planner might not be the first thing on the top of your newly engaged to-do list. We get it. There are dates to be set, venues to be toured, and hours to be spent scrolling through Pinterest images. The list goes on and on, and on... But that's exactly why we're here, and why we are so stinking excited that you are too!

It's no secret, wedding planners, like the rest of our amazing industry professionals, are not free. But wedding planners are not just for celebrities and couples who have mortgage-sized budgets.

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Pamperin Park Summer Wedding: Olivia + Laura Say I Do!

On a beautifully sunny summer day, Olivia and Laura’s closest family and friends gathered at Pamperin Park to witness them say I do. Olivia and Laura prepped at the Comfort Inn & Suites in Green Bay just two rooms down from each other. Their wedding day was adventure-themed, empathizing their excitement to be on this journey of life together. In celebration of that theme, Olivia’s mom gifted Olivia a dagger (how cool!) that she wore in her garter on her thigh, bringing a slight pirate theme to the day. The temptation to see each other before their first look ran high. We even had to smuggle Olivia out of the building so Laura wouldn’t run over to see her; she was incredibly excited to see her wife-to-be! 

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How to Elope in Redwood National Park

Immerse yourself in some of the tallest trees on the continent in a National Park praised on their naturally diverse ecosystem and their commitment to preserving this amazing strip of coastline in California. Redwood National Park offers the perfect majestic forest backdrop for eloping. With mystical scenery, the California sun, and a location not too far from San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, Redwood National and State Parks could be the perfect elopement destination for you. Most of the National Parks allow elopements and ceremonies to take place within their boundaries, but many of them have rules/suggestions when it comes to getting married in their specific park. 

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Brittany + Evan’s Green Bay Home Wedding

The weather may not have been what Brittany and Evan envisioned for their wedding day, but the tornadoes didn’t stop them from saying I do. Every moment was a combined effort of two great families coming together to make sure Brittany and Evan’s wedding would happen. While the family determined the final wedding location due to the extreme weather, Brittany and her bridesmaids prepared for the ceremony. Brittany wore a stunning and simple dress with the most epic bow on the back. 

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Green Bay Botanical Gardens: Heidi + Frank Say I Do!

On an exceptionally warm July summer day, Heidi and Frank’s closest family and friends gathered at the Green Bay Botanical Garden to witness them say I do. An intimate group consisting of Heidi’s mom and sister excitedly helped Heidi into her beautifully beaded, warm grey gown with lace detailing. Frank looked exceptionally dapper in his dark suit as he waited outside the Kaftan Lusthaus Gazebo in the gardens. The small, Scandinavian themed house was filled with joyful guests drawn together amongst the flowers from Schroeder's Flowers which provided touches of pinks and reds, and saturated the air with a wonderfully sweet aroma. 

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Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement Session: Chantel + TJ

The early morning sky awaited us with pink and orange clouds as TJ and Chantel stepped out of their RV and headed into Rocky Mountain National Park for their engagement session. Clad in their hiking boots, jeans, and outdoor gear from Patagonia and The North Face, these two looked as though they had just stepped out of an outdoor magazine. The sun was just kissing the mountaintops as Chantel and TJ made their way along a stream in the meadow of the park. Taking in the beauty that was around them, they were fully present to their surroundings and the journey that has led them to this point in their relationship. 

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Erin and Dave's Door County Engagement Session

Erin was totally calm and relaxed as she got her hair and make up done at our studio before her engagement session. She joked about how she had gone shopping for new outfits and tried to get her fiancé, Dave, to try a new look. She said they compromised and went with his signature blues and grays look. :-) Erin and Dave had just gotten the keys to their new house the week before their engagement session, and Erin shared how their home makeover projects have been going so far, while Claudia styled Erin to the nine’s. Erin is a hairstylist herself, so she placed a lot of trust in Claudia’s hands!

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Katelyn + Lucas’s Lunch Wedding

On a beautifully warm and sunny summer day, the excitement in Katelyn and Lucas eyes and smiles was eminent as their anticipation grew to say I do. Starting their day at 6:00am, the ladies gathered at Salon Forte in preparation for Katelyn and Lucas’s Sunday lunch wedding. The bridesmaids wore light purple dresses, which was perfect for the summer day and their setting at the Green Bay Botanical Garden. Katelyn prepped in one of the bridal areas at the Botanical Gardens, and did a first look with her dad before walking down the aisle. Katelyn’s beauty moved him to tears.

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Wedding planning advice after almost 1 year of being engaged

One year ago today was one of the best days of my life ❤ My love, Andrew, got down on one knee in the midst of the mountains and asked me to marry him, gush!

Our proposal story:

It was one of the last days of our road trip out west and we were in Grand Teton National Park. I had set up a mountain couple’s session with my dear friends Kayla and Mike, who had given me the immense pleasure of photographing their wedding the year prior. Grand Teton holds a special place in their heart, so they made the trip out there to document this new phase of their love journey. We met with them in the afternoon at the Silver Dollar in Jackson, WY to plan out their sunset mountain photo session.

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Oshkosh Summer Wedding: Amber + AJ Say I Do!

On a warm summer day, Amber and AJ’s closest friends and family gathered at a park in Winneconne to witness them say I do. The sun shone brightly on the water and the beautiful wedding party as they walked down the aisle. Sharing a moment before being whisked down the aisle, Amber’s dad cried as he took his first look at his beautiful daughter. Walking through rows of family and friends, AJ and all the guests cried tears of joy as they saw Amber in her stunning gown, laced up in the back by a rainbow ribbon. AJ’s mom spoke eloquently about love and marriage. It was a breathtaking and emotional ceremony to start a day full of celebration.  

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Alex + Corey’s Green Bay Wedding

The skies might have been overcast, but that did not stop Alex and Corey from taking flight on their wedding day. Close family and friends gathered together to witness Alex and Corey say I do. Corey and his best man knew each other from the military, and made the ceremony all the more special by organizing it in an airplane hangar! Clothed in a smile and her stunning wedding dress, Alex said I do hand in hand with Corey, a flight of planes providing quite the backdrop underneath a high ceiling. A sand ceremony and a joyous kiss sealed Alex and Corey’s union, as their family and friends applauded. 

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Michigan Island Wedding: Laura + John Say I Do!

Just a ferry ride, and a short drive along the island, family and friends arrived at Drummond Island Resort to celebrate Laura and John’s special day. A cherished, life-long vacation spot for Laura’s family, and a favorite get-away location for Laura and John ever since they first started dating, the Drummond Island Resort served as the perfect, sentimental spot for their vows to be taken. With a traditional log cabin feel, the resort was very homey, the staff was super friendly, and their food was to die for! During the rehearsal dinner, the mouthwatering aroma of the best pizza on the island filled the room.

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Klair + Troy’s In-Home Engagement Session

On an overcast, drizzling day, Klair and Troy welcomed KLEM Studios’ associate photographer, Sara, into their apartment. Klair and Troy met at a plastic bag factory, where she asked Troy out first. Although Troy remembers a mutual connection leading towards their first date! Sara captured their silly side, as they recalled Troy picking the movie for their date at the theaters: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Klair and Troy made each other laugh with no problems. They were silly together, and clearly showed their love towards one another, excited to document this amazing time in their lives.

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How to Elope in Yosemite National Park

The perfect spot for a hike in the woods or a climb to a mountain peak can also be the perfect spot for your wedding. Yosemite National Park’s captivating landscape offers waterfalls, mighty California trees, and snow-capped mountains. Yosemite’s inspirational scenery is a beautiful place to elope. Most of the National Parks allow elopements and ceremonies to take place within their boundaries, but many of them have rules/suggestions when it comes to getting married in their specific park. 

To elope in Yosemite National Park, a special use permit must be secured first.

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Chanel + Kelvin’s In-Home Couple’s Session

Chanel and Kelvin went into this in-home session with KLEM Studios’ associate photographer, Krista, knowing the two wanted to document their love for one another. Chanel also knew it was the perfect opportunity to get her sister, Krista, all the way to Fargo, North Dakota, where they lived. Chanel, having modeled in college and been in front of the camera probably more times than we can count, was ready to share the spotlight with Kelvin, who had never been in front of the camera. Needless to say, Kelvin was extremely nervous! Although Chanel didn’t say it, she was nervous too; because this photo session was with someone she deeply cared about. 

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How to Elope at the Grand Canyon

For an epic view that will take your breath away, look no further than the Grand Canyon National Park for a massive backdrop for your elopement. This vast setting has inspired many with its natural beauty that can be seen from a space shuttle; but this place is quite peaceful despite all the publicity, and could be the perfect majestic location for your elopement. Most of the National Parks allow elopements and ceremonies to take place within their boundaries, but many of them have rules/suggestions when it comes to getting married in their specific park. 

The Grand Canyon is no exception.

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Olivia + Laura’s Summer Engagement Session | Fonferek’s Glen, Wisconsin

After a rainy morning, Olivia and Laura started their engagement session with KLEM Studios. Olivia and Laura knew they wanted to have their engagement photos taken in an outdoor space that had a wonderful water feature. I suggested the ever-beautiful Fonferek’s Glen just on the outskirts of Green Bay. The park has fields, a lovely waterfall, a creek that runs through it, and it’s a picturesque place to explore, especially on a warm sunny day. Olivia and Laura happened to pick the very first day of Pride Month for their engagement session. We were so happy to celebrate their love and freedom to love one another. The sun began poking through the clouds and gave way to a beautiful warm and glowing late afternoon.

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Do You Have an Estate Plan? | Guest Blog by Deb DeLeers | DeLeers Legal, LLC

Many people have a personal “To-Do” list, and oftentimes, one of the lingering “To-Do’s” is to create or update an estate plan. If it’s time to check that item off of your own To-Do list, Attorney Deb DeLeers from DeLeers Legal, LLC can help. Deb has been practicing law in the Green Bay/Ledgeview area since 2007 and her passion for guiding people through the planning process is what drives her business. Her approach is simple- to do the right thing for her clients, every time, by creating a comprehensive, customized solution.

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Whole 30 Recap

The decision behind committing to Whole 30 came from my realization that I had picked up some unhealthy habits when it came to eating. I had a bit of a sugar and carbohydrate addiction, but also for years I had stomach and digestive issues. I wanted to see if I could clear some of that up just by choosing smarter foods rather than this being some sort of medical condition. I had done some brief work with my doctor and had some gastro-intestinal testing, but I just wasn’t satisfied with the answers. Those are part of the reason why I wanted to do embark on this journey. I roped Andy into doing this with me, so we did it together!

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5 Best Places to Elope in Utah

Utah is a vastly beautiful state with so many different backdrops and charming places to consider for your elopement. It’s one of my favorite places to travel and vacation to—not to mention capture in a photo. Utah is a great place to elope or to renew vows. Here are my top five places to elope in Utah.

To start, Arches National Park is one of Utah’s most popular national parks and a stunning area to elope. Delicate Arch is the most famous feature, and looks spectacular during sunset. Located in southern Utah, Arches National Park isn’t far from the cute town of Moab, which has the hookups for hair, makeup, and floral arrangements for your elopement.

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