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Your love story matters

Your wedding journey is a reflection of everything that makes your relationship so incredible. This love and this journey are deserving of every bit of celebration that you are meticulously creating. Your path to finding this amazing person to spend your life with has been an unbelievably unique adventure, and your engagement and wedding day is a significant mile-marker along that journey. Cheers to you, your journey, and everything that lies ahead.

love is an adventure – Shouldn't your wedding photographs resonate that?


This goes beyond just clicking a button and snapping a photo

This is for the couple who feels their relationship has changed their lives, and they know that they were meant to come together in the beautiful way they did.

This is for the couple who’s planning a lifetime of love and commitment, not just a wedding day.

This is for the couple that’s yearning to recognize themselves in their photos, and to be photographed in a candid and authentic way.

This is for the couple who treasures “experiences” rather than “things”, and the “things” they do have are incredibly meaningful to them.

This is for the couple who keeps each other young and wild and knows they are building a lifetime of adventure together.

This is for the couple that has a vision and wants to share that vision with a professional and trust that pro to make it come to life.

This is for you. You deserve this, and you are wanted and welcome here.


What our couples are saying about their wedding photography experience:

My husband and I were very picky on what we were looking for in a photographer. We are the kind of couple that are more interested in taking pictures that reflect our creativity and our character. Kate was absolutely perfect in capturing that. She met with us multiple times before our pictures. She went over each and every detail of her contract, her photography and styles and her vision for us. It was absolutely perfect. For our engagement pictures, she made us feel comfortable and relaxed, exactly how anyone wanted to be for their pictures. The day of our wedding, even better. Most photographers, you would see all over the wedding, making it kind of more obvious that they are there to take pictures. You wouldn’t even know Kate was there. We had some of the most unbelievable pictures I have ever seen. If you are considering getting a wedding photographer, I highly recommend Kate. She professional and had such a creative eye. Thank you again so much, Kate! We truly had a beautiful wedding and you are one of the reasons it was so perfect.
— Sam, KLEM Bride


Real wedding Galleries:

KLEM Studios wedding photography – our Process

  1. Celebrate the two of you SO HARD! We’re so grateful you’re here.

  2. Head to the Investment Page to learn more about our photography collections and see what would be the right fit for you.

  3. Reach out using our Contact Form. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours, Scout’s Honor!

  4. We’ll set up a time to chat either in person or via phone/video to really get to know the two of you and hear all about your wedding day and your journey to get there.

  5. When you’re ready to book, we’ll send you your contract. You’ll have 48 hours to sign your contract and secure your retainer fee. Then it’s official and the party really begins!

  6. All throughout your wedding journey, we’ll give you wedding + relationship tips, tricks, and ideas. Pieces that will make wedding planning fun, easy, and relaxed.

  7. You have the option of setting up a custom Photography Registry with KLEM Studios where you can register for products and services through me, and share this registry with friends and family.

  8. During the weeks and months that we’re together, we’ll carefully curate a wedding day that brings your vision to life. Destination engagement session? Let’s do it! Brunch wedding? Hell-to-the-yeah! We are here to fully support you.

  9. We’ll create a custom wedding day photography timeline for you and share it with your vendors so your whole team is on the same page

  10. YOU TWO LOVE BIRDS GET MARRIED!!!! It’s gonna be so freaking epic, y’all, hold on to your hats.

  11. Two weeks after your wedding, your carefully edited images are ready for viewing. We’ll either meet in person or set up a virtual meeting to view them all, pick your favorites, and select the products you’ll display your wedding photos on. You might cry, we might cry, it’s a beautiful thing. Your products will then arrive within three weeks.

  12. We stay friends, create more memories together, and probably share a beer or two together again.

Choose your own [editing style] adventure

You are absolutely encouraged to EXPRESS YOURSELVES! You’ve got your own unique style, whether it’s the clothing you wear, or how you style your home. More often than not, this also means that you’re drawn to a certain photographic editing style. You should be able to choose a photographer based first on the experience they offer and how that makes you feel, while also embracing the imagery your eye is drawn to. We’ve got your back. KLEM Studios offers three editing styles for you to choose from: true-to-life, light and airy, or moody. Most of the imagery on our website is our clean, true-to-life edit to keep the feel consistent, but we want you to know that you’ve got options to fit your every want and need. When you inquire with us, simply select the editing style you’re most drawn to and would want your wedding images edited in. We’ll take it from there!


Real engagement Galleries:

Why Printed products matter

The digital world we live in is both a blessing, and a curse. Having your photos at your fingertip is so convenient, and we are committed to having your images ready for viewing within two weeks of your wedding date. But it doesn’t end there. We know how important it is to have tangible pieces that showcase the legacy you two are building. Your kids, grandkids, and generations to come will cherish sitting together, looking back at your love story and sharing memories. I have an original photo print of my grandpa from when he was in his 20’s and it's one of my most treasured possessions because it perfectly portrays who he was. Even though he is no longer with us, every time I look at that photo, I smile, and it feels like he's still here. This is your legacy. And it is deserves the investment in a gorgeous heirloom piece that will stand the test of time.


We were really impressed with how our wedding canvases and the engagement photo guest book turned out! All the products we received were very high quality and look amazing!
— Kayla, KLEM Bride


Northeast wisconsin vendor recommendations:

Working in the wedding industry means that we often get to see other vendors on display, showing up and giving it their all. Whether you're looking for a top-notch DJ, or someone to arrange some gorgeous floral centerpieces for your reception, we know someone that can help you. Check out our VENDOR PAGE to connect with area professionals that we would recommend and have worked with extensively. Feel free to ask about other vendors that may not be listed!


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