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Wedding Gift Registry Ideas

Imagine this: your big day is here, you’ve made it through the reception and now it’s time to party. Guests start to arrive and they’re all carrying parcels. It’s tradition to buy the new couple a gift for their wedding day. Luckily for us, today we’ve got wedding registries to help guide our guests towards buying the perfect gifts; lists full of things we need and want to ensure we don’t end up with an item that we already have three of (like a chia pet or Snuggie–don't worry, I'm not judging you!).

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Wedding Tips: Guest Favor Ideas

I always forget about the guest favors. Before a wedding, I’m thinking about how I can’t wait to see her dress or if the groom will cry. I can’t wait to watch these people promise themselves to each other. Then I get to the reception and it’s all, “OOO, look, presents!" 

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Wedding Tips: Gift Ideas for Your Parents and Wedding Party

It’s become customary to give gifts to your parents and wedding party thanking them for all the help they’ve given you to prepare for your wedding. You want to give them a gift that will be meaningful and show just how much you appreciate them. Below is a list of great gift ideas that will really “wow” these special people:

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