Wedding Tips: Guest Favor Ideas

I always forget about the guest favors. Before a wedding, I’m thinking about how I can’t wait to see her dress or if the groom will cry. I can’t wait to watch these people promise themselves to each other. Then I get to the reception and it’s all, “OOO, look, presents!"


Favors are a great way to let your guests know that you appreciate them being there. But where to start? Take into consideration your personalities, the theme of your wedding, or some of your favorite things. I’ve put together a list of cute, economical guest favor ideas to inspire you:

Wildflowers– Given that our bee populations are diminishing, your wedding favor could turn out to be a blessing. Order flower packets that are specially designed for bees or butterflies and help the planet! (Pro Tip- Stick on a customized wrapper for a cute personalized look just for your wedding or get recycled seed paper in the shape of hearts for a cute alternative to the packet.)

Can Koozies– It’s cute, witty and extremely practical. They can be used by adults and kids, whether they drink beer, soda or just a bottle of water. They can be used right at the reception and fit in people’s pockets or purses without making a mess or taking up too much room. Plus, they can come in so many colors and can say just about anything you want. Put your name and wedding date on one side and a cute lyric on the other and you have an awesome wedding favor that people will be able to use for years.

Sunglasses- Besides saving the eyes of people who forgot their sunglasses for your beautiful (but sunny) outdoor wedding, people will be able to continue using these after the wedding. Much like the koozies, they’re good for all ages and genders, don’t take up much space or make a mess, and can come in many different colors.

Buffet of Treats- There are so many options to go along with this choice that it’s hard to list them all. Different types of cookies, candies and popcorns can grace this table for people to fill their given bags with whatever they’re favorites may be. Salt water taffy, personalized M&Ms, mint chocolates, your mom’s famous homemade cookies, that gourmet popcorn from that place in town that everyone loves. Anything you can think of can be placed in this glorious mix.

Smores Kit- Speaking of treats, let’s talk about a treat everyone loves but never expects at a wedding. Smores are a campfire favorite (and sometimes an I’m-too-impatient-to-wait-for-summer-I’m-roasting-over-the-stove favorite) that people might not expect at a wedding. Get little mesh bags and fill each with some graham crackers, chocolate pieces and a few marshmallows for your guests to take home and enjoy. (Pro Tip- set up a roasting station later in the night so guests can use their smore kit right away as a midnight snack.)

Personalized Candy- I’ve already mentioned the personalized M&Ms, but you can personalize other candies, too! Have some custom wrappers made and you can turn any candy you like into the perfect wedding treat.

Individual Succulents/Flowers- An adorable favor that people will love. Find some mini pots and fill them with any succulent or flower you want. Wrap with a pretty ribbon to finish off the look.

Bottle Opener- This option is especially handy if you plan on having specialty, hard-to-open beer at your wedding. Even if you don’t, people will love this favor. And bonus, these are easy to have engraved with your names and wedding date.

Candles- I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t like candles or a man who can’t agree that they smell great. I personally have a major collection. Add a customized wrapper to the outside and you have an amazing favor.

Soaps- I LOVE bars of soap. I adore everything about a homemade soap, especially when it’s local. The cute wrapping, the amazing smells, they’re perfect!

Mini Jars of Goodness- There’s just something adorable about a mini. Whether you fill it with jelly, syrup or honey, these cute little favors are sure to be a hit.

Hot Cocoa Mix- Hot cocoa is a must during the winter. The chocolaty warmth is something everyone craves from time to time. Warm up your guests so they can party all night. (Pro tip- Like the smores kit, set up a hot cocoa station. Hot water, marshmallows, candy canes and maybe some Kahlua or peppermint schnapps)

Something Fun- Instead of something they can take home and use, your favor could be something to be used on the wedding night. Give them each a packet of confetti for your evening send off, or a paper lantern that you’ll all light together later in the night. Being part of your day and having a great experience is sometimes better than having another thing to take home.

Shot Glasses- Have your names and wedding date etched into the sides and they’ll remember your great time, every time they have a great time.

Magnets- Have several options so couples don’t end up with duplicates when they leave. You could use your new last name and wedding date, one with your favorite part of your vows and even some with your favorite engagement photos. (Luckily, if you’re working with me, you booked a photographer who can do this for you *wink wink*).

Something for the kids- Have an entertainment kit put together for kids who will be in attendance at your wedding. Create an activity book and add a small pack of crayons. Not only will this keep them busy during the reception, but they won’t feel left out when everyone else gets shot glasses or bottle openers. (Pro Tip- you can actually turn your own engagement photos into coloring pages! Throw in some color by number, work searches and connect the dots for added fun.