Wedding Gift Registry Ideas

Imagine this: your big day is here, you’ve made it through the reception and now it’s time to party. Guests start to arrive and they’re all carrying parcels. It’s tradition to buy the new couple a gift for their wedding day. Luckily for us, today we’ve got wedding registries to help guide our guests towards buying the perfect gifts; lists full of things we need and want to ensure we don’t end up with an item that we already have three of (like a chia pet or Snuggie–don't worry, I'm not judging you!).

Below are some of my favorite spots to register for weddings. Pro Tip: Register both online and in an actual store. Some people don’t have access to the internet and need to know where to go in the event they can’t view your online registry. On the other hand, some people prefer buying online. Therefore, having both an online option and a physical location option gives you better chances receiving gifts you register for.  



KLEM Studios - Couples working with KLEM Studios are now able to register for products and services through me, and share this registry with friends and family. Between various types of wall art, photo albums and photo services (think: anniversary sessions, additional wedding day coverage, etc.), you can create a custom registry filled with items that you'll love. You can learn more about the Photography Registry here.

Amazon– This one is on the top of our list because they have so much to offer! Everything from home essentials to camping to outdoor sports equipment. You can cover many bases in one registry. You can even add items that weren’t found on the actual Amazon site! Plus, their prices are often better than other places.

Zola– With tens of thousands of items to choose from, you’ll easily be able to create your perfect wedding registry. If you don’t happen to find what you’re looking for, Zola has the option to add items from other retailers. You also have the possibility to register for experiences, like a spinning class or a meal plan from Blue Apron, making it perfect for any couple who already has an established home. Bonsu: you can also ask for funds to go towards your honeymoon!

Etsy– That’s right, your favorite crafty site has a wedding registry. You can create the chic, unique home you’ve always dreamt of. Between all the homemade and antique items available, your registry is sure to be wonderfully different.

Honeyfund– If you’re the couple who already has a home together and can't think of anything you need, Honeyfund is perfect for you. Guests can put gift money towards your honeymoon trip. They can gift money towards total travel costs or towards experiences like dinner for two or scuba diving.

REI– Calling all adventurers! REI is the site for you. Register for all things outdoors. All the gear you could ever need for everything from camping and hiking to yoga and paddling. Pro Tip–It’s a great site to buy some gear for your honeymoon trip. Whether it’s a backpack for hiking in Europe or a dress for touring Greece, REI has it all.

Physical locations

Target– Such a hugely popular store, you’re bound to find some great registry items. Pro Tip- Target offers group gifting in which several individuals can go in together on a bigger item.

Bed, Bath and Beyond– With a wide variety of household essentials in many different brands, this option is a great one-stop-shop for registries. Plus, besides all your normal registry options, there are some interesting finds all over the store to add on, like monogrammed beer mugs or a wooden six-pack carrier (my personal favorite!).

Pottery Barn– If you’re looking for more specialized items to add to your registry, this is the option for you. With seasonal options and stylish trends, your registry is sure to get you all the best for your new home.

I always love knowing, where are you planning on registering? What are some must-have items on your registry?