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Fifteen Road Trip Tips

Ah, the classic all-American road trip. I love packing up the car and heading off to parts-unknown for a few days (or weeks). Road trips have become a part of my annual routine. Whether a long-weekend jaunt or a multi-week adventure, a road trip always leaves me inspired, refreshed, and in awe of this amazing planet and the people on it. With a fair amount of road trip experience under my belt (this year alone will have eight excursions!), I wanted to share my best tips with you:

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Wisconsin Wedding Photography: Amy and Greg, a Wild Rose Wedding

Love often comes full circle many times throughout a relationship. For Amy and Greg, their circle made a special rotation. Their story begins at the Mount Morris Camp and Conference Center where they attended church camp during high school and met for the first time.

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Wisconsin Wedding Photography: Destination Wedding in Jamaica // Steve and Steph

The sun shone brightly on the white sand beaches in Montego Bay, Jamaica. A warm breeze rustled the palm leaves as gulls cried overhead. Stephanie gently stepped down onto the sand with the help of her father's steady arm. Steve was waiting for her in front of the ocean, grinning from ear to ear.

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