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Amanda and Jake’s Door County Engagement Session

When Amanda and Jake were dreaming up their perfect engagement session, they shared how special it would be if they could celebrate their love story at the same place Jake proposed: Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm on Washington Island. We picked a date when the lavender would be at its peak and took the ferry across Death’s Door Strait to the island. Surrounded by a sea of purple flowers at the lavender farm, Amanda and Jake walked hand-in-hand, identifying different types of honey bees and talking about the bees they raise at their home.

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Green Bay Engagement Photography: Megan and Lane

Love is such a beautiful mystery. It can be all-consuming, fleeting, passionate, and sometimes it just sneaks up on you. It can be tragic, unrequited, painful, and misunderstood. With all of that, I do believe that love, true love, is the greatest thing that can ever happen to all of us. But what if you met the person you were going to grow old with when you were just a teenager? How would you know, what would you do to preserve that relationship and make it stand the test of time? It may not have been clear to Megan and Lane in the beginning how to make it all work, but they've definitely done something right. This July they will be celebrating eight years together, and their journey as husband and wife begins on New Year's Eve.

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