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Green Bay Engagement Photography: Fonferek's Glen with Krystina and Dustin

Krystina knew Dustin was "the one" during her freshman year of college. Dustin was coming home from leave, and she remembers how excited she was to see him, a different excitement than she had felt before. Fast forward to this January when Dustin and Krystina went away for a weekend skiing in Houghton, Michigan. Krystina couldn't understand why Dustin was kneeling in a snowbank on the deck of the restaurant where they had just shared a romantic dinner together. Dustin asked Krystina to be his forever, and she happily said yes.

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Green Bay Engagement Photography: Sam and Josh

Their friendship sparked years ago, but who could have known the fire that had been ignited? Perhaps it was the way Josh made Sam laugh, or maybe it was the way Sam tossed her long, blonde hair over her shoulder when she turned to look at him. Their chemistry was undeniable, and their hearts soon began to call to each other.

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