Green Bay Engagement Photography: Sam and Josh

Their friendship sparked years ago, but who could have known the fire that had been ignited? Perhaps it was the way Josh made Sam laugh, or maybe it was the way Sam tossed her long, blonde hair over her shoulder when she turned to look at him. Their chemistry was undeniable, and their hearts soon began to call to each other.

Sam and Josh have a youthful, uplifting love. The four years they've been dating seem to have sewn them together in a way that one doesn't know where Sam ends and Josh begins. They are each other's missing puzzle piece, she's the peanut butter to his jelly, the other's life companion.

They're planning a wedding later this year that will reflect their easy-going demeanors, their love for the Bohemian life, and the joy they find in the friends and family around them. They spent a warm afternoon together for their engagement session in the Green Bay area, walking the streets of the city that they call home.

We started our session on the St. Norbert campus under the shade of the blooming crab apple trees. Sam loved how the trees looked in bloom, and I loved how naturally they fell into their comfort zone. De Pere holds a special place in Sam and Josh's hearts; it's where they're building their home, and their adorable Westie, Arthur, loves taking walks in De Pere, too! The day was warm and bright, and while Arthur was recovering from a recent surgery, we could imagine him scampering alongside us, stubby tail wagging at each new discovery.

Sam has always been vibrant and outgoing (we know each other from our high school years at Bay Port), it's clear to see Josh brings out the best in her, and vice versa. Great things are sure to come from the marriage of Sam and Josh. They're a wonderful couple, and I am so excited to be along for part of their journey.