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KLEM Life: Our National Park Summer Road Trip 2018

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a bit obsessed with trip planning, which is where part of the inspiration for my second business, Wild Klementine, came from. I’ve also become fond of bullet journaling to recap and remember our travels by. I wanted to share some of the road trip highlights (and downfalls) with you to either give you a bit of wanderlust, or to inspire your next Western adventure. This awesome road trip was the product of months of planning, and it had a surprise ending that was life-changing!

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Fifteen Road Trip Tips

Ah, the classic all-American road trip. I love packing up the car and heading off to parts-unknown for a few days (or weeks). Road trips have become a part of my annual routine. Whether a long-weekend jaunt or a multi-week adventure, a road trip always leaves me inspired, refreshed, and in awe of this amazing planet and the people on it. With a fair amount of road trip experience under my belt (this year alone will have eight excursions!), I wanted to share my best tips with you:

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