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Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement Session: Chantel + TJ

The early morning sky awaited us with pink and orange clouds as TJ and Chantel stepped out of their RV and headed into Rocky Mountain National Park for their engagement session. Clad in their hiking boots, jeans, and outdoor gear from Patagonia and The North Face, these two looked as though they had just stepped out of an outdoor magazine. The sun was just kissing the mountaintops as Chantel and TJ made their way along a stream in the meadow of the park. Taking in the beauty that was around them, they were fully present to their surroundings and the journey that has led them to this point in their relationship. 

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Top 10 Things to Do In Vail and Beaver Creek In Spring, Summer, and Fall

If you know me even just a smidge or have checked out my Instagram page, you know I've got a fierce case of wanderlust. I would live out of a suitcase if Tyler or my cats or my puppy would let me. But alas, here I am, head in the clouds, feet on the ground, and ready to spill my secrets on affordable travel in one of the most wonderful spots in the United States. Colorado holds a special place in my heart. If you haven't been, I hope this post inspires you to plan your trip to Colorado ASAP. 

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