Door County Engagement Photos: Valerie and Dylan at Cana Island and Cave Point

When I first talked with Valerie about her's and Dylan's wedding plans, my heart started beating faster. She painted a picture of a gorgeous fall engagement session in Door County leading up to their early fall wedding in Kewaunee a year later. We made their dreams a reality last month, and the results are stunning. 

Valerie and Dylan have been visiting Door County with their families for a number of years now. They've grown attached to the small town vibes and gorgeous scenery, and they knew they wanted to incorporate this special area into their wedding plans. As my second shooter, Stephanie, and I drove up the peninsula, cold rain splattered our windshield. I had been refreshing the weather page along the way, and sunshine was supposed to be in our future...but it seemed nowhere in sight. When we arrived at Cana Island, we learned that we wouldn't be able to access the island or the lighthouse because of the intense rain and winds that made the small breaker to the island impassable. However, even with whitecaps rolling nearby and a chilly wind blowing through our sweaters, the landscape was beautiful. Moody rain clouds brought out the brilliant fall colors that were dotting the shoreline. I could hear Valerie, Dylan, and Valerie's mom, Ann, slightly questioning my sanity when I said we should spend some time here. While Valerie and Dylan snuggled and kissed to stay warm, the sun suddenly burst through the clouds and provided some of the most brilliant lighting we have ever seen. It looked like I had paid the weather gods to pull this off, it was incredible (thanks for coming through for me, Zeus, I owe ya!). 

The more time Stephanie and I spent with Valerie and Dylan, the better we got to know them. They have a bridled excitement about them, bubbly personalities coming to the surface like friendly koi fish in a tranquil pond. They're adorable, loving, an incredibly sweet. They're the kind of people you want to stick them in your pocket and bring with you everywhere. We haven't had the pleasure of meeting Dylan's parents yet, but Valerie's mom, Ann, came along as official chauffeur, jacket holder, and birch forager. I had made a comment about how I collect fallen birch bark scraps to make crafts around my home. At the end of the session, she handed me a handful of strips she had collected along the way. Talk about melting my heart. It's clear where Valerie gets her impeccable manners and overflowing love and warmth from.

We headed south down the peninsula to Cave Point County Park, one of the most picturesque spots in Door County. Limestone cliffs line the shoreline looking out onto Lake Michigan, and trails wind through a forest of evergreens and fall colors. These two adventurous souls were patient when an idea came to mind to have them loving on each other with dramatic waves crashing on the cliffs beside them. No couples were harmed in the making of their images, although one certain photographer may have gotten soaked to the bone (but somehow managed to save most of her camera from getting wet) when a monster wave thundered over her and the tall cliff she was standing on...I'll give you a hint, it wasn't Steph.

The magic that was created during Valerie and Dylan's Door County engagement session was some of the biggest magic I've seen. It turns out, adventure looks really good on these two. We are so excited for your fall Door County wedding next year at one of our favorite venues, The Barnsite Event Center. Enjoy these last few months of your engagement, and take on your planning with patient and graceful hearts. It will all come together beautifully, and we are so thankful to be along for the ride.

Much love and appreciation,
Kate (and Steph!)

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