Green Bay Wedding Photography: Charlotte and Jeremy's Rustic Engagement Session

When a couple wants to personalize their engagement session and use locations that mean something to them, it lights up my soul and my inner self does a happy little victory dance. Sure, couples that are in love are going to look great no matter where they decide to stage their engagement session. But including locations that have meaning and significance to the couple? THAT is the beginning of a photographed legacy that will outlast the couple themselves. Their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, if they're so lucky, will be able to gaze at those engagement images, perhaps recognizing where they were taken. They will hopefully be able to walk where the couple walked and maybe at some point in their life, feel the type of love that the couple felt. Maybe one day those children and grandchildren will try to recreate an image from the couple's engagement session. No matter the outcome, magical moments will come from engagement sessions like these.

Charlotte and Jeremy chose to have their engagement session at two locations: Charlotte's family's farm in Bonduel, and her father's land on the water in Oconto. The farm has been in Charlotte's family for generations, and Charlotte and Jeremy hope to settle down there one day. Corn and soybeans seem to stretch for miles before your eyes. At the edge of their land lies patch of woods where the family makes maple syrup in the spring. Between playful nudges and striking boisterous poses, Charlotte and snuggled up for some romantic, reserved portraits as well. Monstrous burrs threatened to take them down, but they were no match for Charlotte and Jeremy's love ;) In Oconto, the leaves were noticeably more vibrant. A cool breeze rolled of the water, a sure sign that fall is here in Wisconsin.

Charlotte and Jeremy will be married next fall at the Green Bay Botanical Garden, an affair that I know will be one for the record books, and one that I'm so excited to be a part of. Charlotte and Jeremy, these months of your engagement are going to fly by. Before you know it, you'll be "upgraded" to husband and wife. Enjoy these seasons, and happy wedding planning!

Much love and appreciation,

EngagementsLauren Grier