KLEM Studios Associate Photographer, Stephanie

James Cash Penny said, "Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together."  The past few months, I have been quietly focusing on growth and how to make the KLEM Studios photography experiences bigger and better. It is so important to me that I provide an amazing experience to my clients and don't just settle for giving them great photographs. While I was a one-woman-show for the past seven years, I recently brought on a dedicated second shooter to work with me for the last few weddings of 2017. This second shooter is near and dear to my heart, and has great talent and potential. In an effort to better serve clients, encourage ourselves to grow and stretch, and to have even more wedding and session dates available to clients, I am excited to announce that my second shooter has been promoted to an associate photographer.

Stephanie Boyce had the misfortune of being stuck with yours truly as a random roommate during our freshman year of college. Okay, so it wasn't really unfortunate, I think I speak for both of us when I say that we couldn't have asked for better roommates, especially considering we hadn't known each other previously. We had so much fun together, it really was the ideal roomie situation. We loved it so much, we lived together after I had graduated, too. Steph really is a saint for putting up with me, and somehow she still likes me. I was a bridesmaid in her wedding three years ago, and she's one of my closest friends.

Steph grew up on her 150-year-old family farm in Wild Rose, WI with her parents and sister. She graduated from UWGB with a bachelors in environmental science and minors in photography and business administration. Three years ago, she married her high school sweetheart, Dalton. They recently bought a house that they've been renovation under the watchful eye of their furbabies Riley, Maisey, and Iowa. Steph and Dalton are looking forward to starting a family in their new home and taking yearly camping trips.

Steph's love of photography began as a child when she received one of the small, strip Polaroid cameras as a gift (we had the same one, imagine that!). In college, she had the opportunity to explore her interest more by taking photography courses, which lead to her eventual photography minor. While earning her degree, she experimented by taking her sister's senior portraits; she was officially hooked on photography. She loves getting into the flow and mindset of creative ideas and collaborating with the person she's photographing. She draws a lot of her energy and inspiration from her clients by really getting in tune with them. One of her strengths is being able to capture more "real" moments through organic poses and picking up on a client's natural movements and mannerisms. This shows through beautifully in her work.

Steph decided that accepting the KLEM Studios promotion was the right fit for her because she loves working with a friend and being a valued asset by creating unique images from artistic angles. She looks forward to the growth opportunities. We have an awesome relationship both on and off "the field"; it was such a natural transition to bring Steph into the KLEM Studios experience. I am so excited to see what Steph brings to KLEM Studios, and how we can serve each other. As an associate photographer, her primary roles will be second shooting weddings with me, being lead on portrait sessions near her hometown, being lead photographer on weddings that I am already booked for, improving the KLEM Studios offerings and techniques, admin work, and keeping me sane. I look forward to growing with this wonderful friend by my side, both personally and professionally. Feel free to show Steph some love and congratulate her on her promotion! This is going to be such an exciting journey, we can't wait to share everything else we have in store for 2018 and beyond.

Until next time,
Kate (and Steph!)