Zion National Park Couple’s Session: Erin + Jon

There are some places in this world that are filled with jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring beauty. Here in the United States, we’re lucky enough to have thousands of beautiful landscapes to explore, some of them in our own backyards. But some of them steal our hearts and lure us back time and time again, always soothing our souls and quieting our minds. Zion National Park is one of these places.

Zion National Park Couple’s Session | KLEM Studios

The red canyon walls tower above the Virgin River and the charming town of Springdale, Utah. Zion is an outdoor Lover's Paradise, offering everything from hiking to Camping to rock climbing and more. This was the first national park that Erin and Jon visited together early in their relationship. It's a place of mystery and wonder, and it holds a special spot in each of their hearts. When the three of us traveled there together in November, we carved out sometime for a gorgeous sunset couple’s session near the Watchman in Zion National Park. Our original plan had been to hike up to Observation Point at sunrise earlier that day, but the horrendous winds changed our plans. Luckily, with adventure sessions like these, flexibility is built into the plan!

The Watchman is positioned so the last sun rays of the day hit it’s marvelous rock face perfectly. Erin and Jon laughed among the sagebrush beneath it’s shadow, playfully nudging each other and stealing sweet kisses. Erin and I have been best friends since middle school, and I know this girl is going to save the world someday. She’s pursuing her doctorate degree in Austin, Texas, where she met her wonderful partner, Jon. Jon and Erin go together like the outdoors and cold beer. They’re incredibly in-tune with one another, and they complete each other’s lives. Erin and Jon are both intelligent, independent souls, but loving one another seems to have brought them to a higher place in life. In my biased opinion, Erin is the greatest girl in the world, but Jon is totally worthy of her love, and it’s clear how lucky Erin is to have Jon as well.

Zion National Park Couple’s Session | KLEM Studios

It’s such an honor to be able to work with a couple and capture the essence of their relationship. It’s an even greater honor when the couple you’re photographing is so near and dear to your heart. The amount of trust that someone places in a photographer to authentically and lovingly capture their relationship is no small act, and it’s one that I don’t take lightly. Thank you, Erin and Jon, for being up for the adventure, for exploring Zion National Park with me, and for being absolute rockstar lovers during your couple’s session. I love you two to pieces, hugs all around!

Much love and appreciation,