Introducing Wild Klementine, a Sister Business to KLEM Studios

This big, beautiful life offers us so many opportunities, it can be hard to know which ones to take when they come our way. Then, there are times when we need to create our own opportunities. I did this when I started KLEM Studios, breathing life into what was little more than a bubbling hobby mixed with a college graphic design project. Now, I’m excited to announce the newest baby I’m bringing into the world: Wild Klementine.

Wild Klementine was born from a multi passionate lifestyle, blending a love of travel, food, and drink. As the sister business to KLEM Studios, it will still be very photography-focused, specializing in landscape photography, travel photography, and food and beverage photography. It will also serve as an honest, authentic voice when it comes to where we travel to, and the restaurants and establishments we spend our time visiting. When we choose to take our precious time and spend it traveling, or exploring a new restaurant, we want to make sure we’ve chosen wisely, and that our time won’t be wasted. Wild Klementine wants to provide raw, professional recommendations while always searching for the best experiences possible.

Wild Klementine, Travel blogger, photographer, planner

As far as the inspiration for Wild Klementine, I blame my parents, who instilled in me at a young age the need and appreciation for travel, great food, well-crafted drinks, and solid companionship. As an international landscape and travel photographer, I get to work with incredible people in amazing places on the regular. My photography is vibrant and natural, and is influenced by all the amazing people in my life and the experiences I've shared with them. My writings are honest and based on my years working in the hospitality industry, traveling, and becoming a craft beer lover before I was legally able to drink it (sshh!).

Wild Klementine will offer a number of services, including:

  • Sale of landscape photography products

  • Travel planning services and elopement planning services

  • Travel tips, blogs, and guides for purchase

  • Food and beverage photography services, as well as event photography services, for restaurants, breweries, cooks, and bloggers

  • Hospitality industry consultations and support

Wild Klementine, Travel blogger, photographer, planner

I wanted to separate Wild Klementine from KLEM Studios because I could see the two businesses growing in separate ways, and I wanted the distinction between these different worlds to be very clear. While the line between the two will be blurred a bit when it comes to elopement planning, I’m excited to offer these additional services through Wild Klementine.

It’s going to be a new adventure, and there are going to be tweaks along the way, especially in the beginning. I appreciate all of your support, patience, trust, and love, and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes all of us. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments, tips, and ideas. Check out the new baby, give her some love, and let me know what you think. Thanks for being along for the ride!

Much love and appreciation,