A Wisconsin Northwoods Engagement Session: Megan + Alex

There are some people in this world that are just made to be together for the rest of their lives. If you’ve ever spent time with Megan and Alex, you’ve experienced just how perfectly these two fit together. I’ve had the pleasure of being friends with Megan since high school when we were in choir together (#nerdsunite!). She is a sweet soul with an amazing personality that could charm the birds out of the trees. It would take an equally incredible person to steal her heart.

Enter Alex.

Best Wisconsin Photographer, Engagement Photoshoot | KLEM Studios, LLC

These two are so unapologetically themselves, and it’s wildly refreshing. Love should take you higher than you’ve ever been before, and bring you to a new level of comfort in your own skin. Megan and Alex embody these traits to an admirable level. They are goofy together, they talk to each other in accents, and they are constantly making each other laugh. They are both very involved in the community, and are respected members of the area they live in. Yet, they aren’t afraid to be who they naturally want to be with each other. They are madly in love; Alex makes sure to warm Megan’s blankets in the dryer before bed, and Megan gives Alex the best hugs ever. They didn’t know that a chance meeting at trivia night would lead to forever, but fate knew something special was brewing.

Best Wisconsin Photographer, Engagement Photoshoot | KLEM Studios, LLC

Megan and Alex quickly fell for one another, and a few months later, Alex proposed to Megan with a stunning ring he designed himself. They celebrated their engagement at a private location in the northwoods very near and dear to them on a perfect fall day. The fall colors were almost as vibrant as these two and their love for one another. After a brief stint stuck in the mud, they walked in the woods hand-in-hand, their laughter ringing through the trees. Now, they’re planning an incredible spring wedding that will encapsulate everything that has gotten these two to where they are today. It’s going to be a day for the record books, and I simply can’t wait to witness it. Cheers to you, Megan and Alex, and thank you so much for your friendship and kindness.

Much love and appreciation,


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