Green Bay Botanical Garden Wedding Proposal: Dave and Lauren

Dave reached out to me with his fall proposal plans a few weeks before he and his girlfriend of three years, Lauren, were going to be in Green Bay. They live in Chicago, but Lauren had visited Wisconsin often with family and friends while she was growing up. She loves this area, and Dave wanted to include this special place in his plan. Lauren thought they were going to be celebrating her new job with the weekend getaway, but Dave had more elaborate ideas.

Dave knew that he wanted to propose at the Green Bay Botanical Garden in the Stumpf Belvedere. He had done his research, and he thought that would be the perfect spot since it would be overlooking a wooded area filled with trees changing colors. He shared that he was drawn to a bright and airy photography style, so I knew that my bright-and-airy associate, Sara, was the girl for the job! Sara was thrilled to be capturing their proposal, and the three of us went over every detail we could think of, from what time Dave and Lauren should arrive at the garden, to what Sara would be wearing so Dave would know she was in place.

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On the day of the proposal, Dave and Lauren made their way to the meeting spot while Sara pretended to be a tourist taking pictures of the flowers. As Dave dropped to one knee, Lauren’s hands flew to her face with excitement. When Dave asked her to marry him, she of course said yes and leapt into his arms.  Once Sara revealed herself, she took the newly-engaged couple for a tour around the garden, taking engagement photos as they went. Dave and Lauren were positively giddy and couldn't keep their hands, lips, and eyes off of each other! Dave had planned an absolutely beautiful proposal, and they spent the rest of their weekend in Green Bay celebrating and loving on each other.

Congratulations, Dave and Lauren! It is such an honor to be a part of these incredible milestones in our couples lives, and we are eternally grateful. Enjoy the wedding planning process, and create a day that will be the most blissful adventure you two have taken together thus far.

Much love and appreciation,

Kate (and Sara!)

P.S. Did you know that KLEM Studios now offers three editing styles for your wedding day and engagement sessions: true-to-life, moody, and bright-and-airy? I mentioned it above, but I haven’t formally announced it online. Want to know more? Email me directly at