Visualizing the Experiences You Want to Have on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day should be about what you want to experience. It is a chance for you to be selfish and put your thoughts, your desires, and your needs first. Because your wedding day is truly a reflection of what you and your significant other share.

I invite you to create a day that’s centered on your relationship. This can incorporate different things you and your fiancé are interested in, such as my fellow craft beer lovers! Your ceremony could be at a brewery or incorporate special beers at your wedding; things like that. Or, if you’re a little more alternative, you could incorporate non-traditional wedding colors. You or your fiancé may even wear a black dress or jeans with suspenders. Really let your personalities shine, and incorporate things that are important to you.

To start visualizing the experiences you want to have on your wedding day, write down all the things that are important to you and your partner. Whether it has to do with the décor, the people you want around you, or the location. Also think about the actual feelings that go with this experience. Do you want to be pumped up and excited the whole time? Do you want to be relaxed? Do you want to be romantic? Do you want to be funny? Any of those things that are important to you, write down. Then, have a discussion with one another, and truly hone in on what matters to you both on your wedding day.

From there, take each item on that list and brainstorm one to three ways that you can really bring that point out. Maybe the location is really important, such as knowing you want to be married by the water. Then make looking at local places that are along a lake or destinations by the ocean a priority. Just know that you might have discouraging thoughts pop up, such as, “we can’t do that because what would my family think?” or “how would we afford that?” Those are limiting beliefs, and instead of focusing on those thoughts, believe that if you truly want something, you and your fiancé will make it happen. This is your wedding day, you should definitely be creating it the way you want it to be! You can break free from tradition, as long as it really resonates with you.

Your next focus should be on the choices you make. Do the decisions for your wedding align with the experience you want to have on your wedding day? If you’re focused on an epic location while having your wedding be really romantic and adventurous, then give yourself a quick check-in. Is this really what you and your partner are looking for? Or is there maybe a different direction you could go with this? Be selfish! Make your wedding experience truly be what you envision it to be. If you want more tips, or want to share with me your vision for the experiences you want to have on your wedding day, feel free to contact me, or go to my Facebook Page and leave a comment. I’d love to answer any questions you have or even brainstorm to make your wedding day resonate more with you.

Stay true to yourself,