October Donation Totals and November's Causes


With the holiday season coming, I wanted to focus more heavily on how KLEM Studios gives back and give my clients the opportunity to give additional donations to our featured causes each month. Just by offering this to KLEM Studios clients, these wonderful people donated an ADDITIONAL $67 on top of the $83.19 we were already going to be able to donate. This number just blows my mind, this month we are donating $150.19! Roughly $75 will go to Glacier National Park and $75 will go to the Einstein Project in Green Bay.

The Einstein Project "provides educators with the resources to give students quality education in science, technology, engineering and math". My mom has been one of these educators for many years, and she also works with the Einstein Project to train area educators in the Einstein Project curriculums. I absolutely love this cause because of the hands-on approach it offers students to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math.

If you haven't gotten a chance to visit Glacier National Park yet, it should definitely be on your bucket list. I was fortunate enough to visit for a couple days in 2014, and the beauty was just mind-blowing. Towering mountains laced with rivers and waterfalls, a sprinkling of snow on the peaks, all accented with golden aspen leaves... It was one of the prettiest places I'd ever been. If you want some tips on traveling to Glacier, shoot me a message!

For the month of November, I'm excited to announce that our national park cause is Capitol Reef National Park in Utah (pic above), and our local cause is Paul's Pantry. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, there are many people in our community that don't get a warm meal every day, or a bed to sleep in. I wanted to make sure that during the holidays, we support a cause that is going to help the hungry and homeless while the rest of us are fortunate to have these simple luxuries.

You all keep blowing me away with your generosity and kindness. I can't wait to see what the KLEM Studios clients do next. Stay awesome!


KLEM CaresLauren Grier