Green Bay Wedding Photography: Dot and Dan

"There's a leak in the dining room ceiling."

Dan had one job on his wedding day, besides making it down the aisle and saying "I do", and that was whispering sweet nothings in Dot's ear while I captured her stunning smile and laugh. What does Dan choose to tell Dot? "There's a leak in the dining room ceiling."

Okay, there may have been a few more jobs required of Dan on his wedding day: look dapper, marry his best friend, give a wonderful welcome speech, and twirl his beautiful bride around the dance floor. Dot had some responsibilities as well: knock her groom's socks off in her stunning wedding outfit, have fun with her bridal party, and party the night away. I'm happy to report that both Dot and Dan fulfilled their duties wonderfully. 

It's always such a joyous day when two people who love each other more than anything commit to each other and make a promise of forever. Dot and Dan gathered around them the people they love most in this world, and it's clear their friends and family feel the same way about Dot and Dan. They bring laughter and happiness with them everywhere. Their wedding day reflected all of the goodness they attract. Bright, golden sunlight filled the windows of The Marq. Dot and Dan gazed into each other's eyes, reflected on their journey through life and pledged themselves to each other in one of The Marq's ballrooms. We were all lucky to be witness to that.

Dot and Dan, I wish both of you a lifetime filled with joy, great wine and beer, and amazing cheese. You both deserve all of the good things in life coming your way. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your special day.

Much love and appreciation,

WeddingsLauren Grier