Mairee and Ryan’s Green Bay Botanical Gardens Engagement Session

Mairee and Ryan first met at Festival Foods, where they both work. Their first conversation took place in the break room, where they were reading and doing homework. They continued to flirt and cross paths, until eventually they were inseparable. I think it’s safe to say they found the pot of gold that lies under the Festival Foods rainbow ;)

Mairee and Ryan chose to celebrate their engagement by strolling through the Green Bay Botanical Gardens on a glorious evening just before sunset. They laugh easily together, and show each other a lot of appreciation and love through adoring glances, gentle hand squeezes, and kisses on the forehead. These two are the sweetest goofballs, and they are totally willing to be silly with one another. Their sunset engagement session in the gardens was just magical, a perfect prelude to their wedding.

Their fall wedding this weekend is going to be absolutely stunning and they can’t wait to celebrate with their families and friends. These two are so playful and fun, I know their wedding day is going to be amazing. Cheers to Mairee and Ryan, and their upcoming wedding!

Kate McFadzenComment