Amanda and Jake’s Wedding at Green Bay Botanical Gardens

Something that a bride never wants to hear on her wedding day: there’s rain in the forecast. Amanda and Jake were preparing for the worst but hoping for the best for their outdoor wedding ceremony and reception. As we got closer to the ceremony time, Amanda slipped into her gorgeous gown (designed by Essence of Australia), and the clouds grew lighter and lighter. Amanda tiptoed out of the bridal prep area, sharing a First Look with her father, and then with Jake. As Jake turned to face Amanda for the first time, a hint of sunshine broke through the clouds. Not a drop of rain fell that day.

Wisconsin Wedding Photography, Green Bay Botanical Gardens

Amanda and Jake promised themselves to one another in an intimate wooded ceremony at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens. Amanda’s uncle officiated the service, moving the audience from laughter to tears in the same sentences. He spoke of how strong Amanda is, and how supportive and amazing Jake is in return. He shared how incredible it’s been to watch Jake be a father to Amanda’s son, Easton. He reminded us of the importance of spending time with your loved ones, and the little moments that count in life, like watching the sun set. Then, gloriously, Amanda and Jake were husband and wife at last.

Wisconsin Wedding Photography, Green Bay Botanical Gardens

Amanda and Jake had never been to the gardens when it wasn’t covered in snow for the Garden of Lights festival, so they wandered the grounds in awe of all the beauty. Throughout the day, they couldn’t stop whispering, “I love you” to one another. Separately, Amanda and Jake are stunning people inside and out. Together, they’re a magnificent vision. There’s such a confident, trusting, eternal love that flows between them, it’s a precious thing to observe. At their tented backyard reception adorned with amazing florals, they hardly took their eyes off of each other. It was such an honor and a blessing to behold. Amanda and Jake, I wish you two a lifetime of happiness, adventure, and endless love. Thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of your journey.

Much love and appreciation,