KLEM Honesty: Technical Difficulties Behind the Scenes


As much as we bosses like to think we're invincible, mistakes will happen, websites can crash, and sometimes we just plain old screw up. It's embarrassing, it's annoying, and it can leave us awake at night with anxiety wondering how we could have prevented this. I had one of those moments yesterday when I realized my custom email address was NOT forwarding messages to me like it was supposed to. To make matters worse, I'm not sure when it all started. Luckily, I was able to remedy the situation within 24 hours and my email is now LIVE and kicking. It still leaves me sitting here wondering how many emails I missed, how many opportunities went unheard, and how many people I pissed off. At this point, it appears that all I can do is gracefully and wholeheartedly apologize and move forward. If you or anyone you know has tried to contact me and did not hear from me, I'm very sorry as that is not how I normally conduct my business. Each day is a new day, we can only learn from the difficulties and rise above them. Thank you all for understanding and for your continued support. Here's to everything coming up roses from here on out! 

Much love and appreciation,