KLEM Cares: February Donation Totals


February has come and gone, but am I the only one that felt like those 28 days were some of the looooongest ones on the calendar? There's something about February with it's fewer days but sometimes strange weather (67 degrees in February anyone?!) that can be unsettling and provoke cabin fever. Now that March is here, I've been getting outside even more, searching high and low for signs of spring. A few of my plants outside already have buds popping out, and I'm going to start the seeds for my garden this afternoon. 2017 is off to an interesting start for sure!

Our February causes were Denali National Park and the Wildlife Sanctuary here in Green Bay. KLEM Studios client will be donating $18.67 to each of them! I'm hoping to donate $1,000 to our various causes during 2017. We've only got $896.70 to go, and I've got a really good feeling about March :) Our causes for March (aka my birthday month!) are Grand Canyon National Park and the Bay Area Humane Society.

P.S. Did you hear about the March deal I announced a few days ago? When you book your KLEM Studios wedding photography experience during the month of March, you'll receive $100 off the package of your choice PLUS a free 16x20 canvas! Contact me today to set up your no-obligation consultation. Let's make something great together!

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