Green Bay Wedding Photography: Stacey and Cindy's Outdoor Engagement Session

fter a loss, it can be difficult to traverse the dating world. Many thoughts may go through your head, from wondering if you're being respectful to your deceased loved one, to doubting that you will ever love again. Cindy had experienced tragedy, but found a flicker of hope when she met Stacy. 

Fast forward to present day. These two animal-loving adventurers wander to the corners of the earth, hand-in-hand, cherishing the memories they make along the way. One vacation they both won't ever forget was taken on the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Cindy knew that she wanted to propose to Stacey on that trip, and she even had it all planned out how she was going to ask. However, excitement got the best of her, and Cindy popped the question at dinner one evening. Stacey happily said yes. After dinner, they walked along the beach in golden sunlight and Cindy wrote in the sand "Will you Maui me?". Does it get more adorable than that??

We celebrated their engagement with an outdoor engagement session at Fonfereks Glen and UWGB. Stacey and Cindy laugh and snuggle so easily, whispering "I love you" while they pass the time. Their bright, genuine smiles reveal the depth of their love for one another. Here's a peek at the magic these two made during their engagement session:

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