Green Bay Wedding Photography: Andrea and Neil's Outdoor Engagement Session

Typically when I think of late September in Wisconsin, I'm imagining the trees changing colors, crunchy leaves starting to cover the ground, cooler temperatures, and maybe a little Packers football. What I'm NOT imagining is almost 90 degrees and humid--but that's what we got this year. Andrea and Neil were pumped for their fall engagement session, complete with sweaters and cute shoes. Mother Nature may have had other things in mind, but these two weren't going to be swayed, which is one of the things that make Andrea and Neil so wonderful. They were absolute troopers and had such sunny, positive attitudes all through the sweltering heat. They stayed calm and collected under near-death circumstances of sacrificing bodily comfort for the sake of fashion and photography...okay, that may be a stretch, but these two were great anyway. 

Andrea and Neil have been together for almost seven years now. Their story first started when Andrea and Neil were introduced through Neil's work; Andrea's mom worked with Neil, which figuratively penned the beginning of their love story's first chapter. Now, seven years later, they are busy planning a lovely summer wedding to celebrate their love. These photos are only a glimpse into the amazing relationship and friendship Andrea and Neil have built together. I have a feeling their story is only going to get even better from here. Congratulations on your engagement, Andrea and Neil!

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