Green Bay Engagement: Sammie + Kyle's Outdoor E-session

Friendship is a privilege to be treasured always. There are many different types of friendships--work friendships, best friends, the friendship you share with your parents and significant other...the possibilities are almost endless. Sammie and I have been friends since grade school. We grew up down the street from each other and would have sleepovers at each other's houses, dance parties in my basement, carpooled to school, the works. I'm so thrilled that she has found love and friendship in Kyle, her husband-to-be. They make each other laugh constantly, which brings out Sammie's naturally sunny personality. They're wonderful parents to their adorable baby boy and fur children, and it's clear that they're building a wonderful life together.

We celebrated their future with an outdoor engagement session on one of the stunning summer afternoons August in Green Bay, Wisconsin can offer us. Their laughter was drowned out by the honking of geese at the Brown County Wildlife Sanctuary. The wildlife creatures were the perfect fit for the Cinderella shoes Sammie brought to accent her floral dress. Kyle had asked Sammie to be his wife in the Cinderella castle, making their love story even more swoon-worthy. We escaped the Wildlife Sanctuary without being harassed by any feathered friends, an enormous feat, no doubt. We took our adventure to Baird's Creek where Kyle and Sammie played in the water and walked hand-in-hand across the beautiful creek.

These photos don't do justice to the natural, vibrant love Sammie and Kyle provide each other, but it's a beautiful snapshot into the relationship they're building. Their unique and thoughtful wedding is going to be such a joy to capture. Congratulations, Sammie and Kyle!

Much love and appreciation,

EngagementsLauren Grier