Drum Roll Please… An Even BIGGER Announcement

Okay, so I know that just last week, I shared a big announcement with you all (you can read all about the here), but I’ve got another exciting piece I’ve been cooking up for a couple months now. I’ve created a community called the KLEM Klub for people who are truly dedicated to celebrating and cultivating love in their lives and their relationships.

As a wedding photographer, I bear witness to so many amazing relationships and I get to experience first hand what makes those relationships work. Seeing people so deeply in love and working to grow their relationship is incredibly inspiring. I know how much work Andy and I put into our relationship, and that comes from years of learning and practice, and lots of grace and forgiveness.

I’ve also realized that we can truly change the world by spreading love and positivity, and that starts with the immediate relationships around us. Having open conversations about what works and what doesn’t work in our relationships allows us to connect with one another, support one another, and have stronger relationships all around. By intentionally curating a community of trusted, like-minded individuals, we are saying yes to living our lives and relationships at a 10+, and yes to supporting one another. One of my favorite quotes is from Peter De Vries, who stated, “We are not primarily put on this earth to see through one another, but rather to see one another through.” Ain’t that the truth, though? How many times do we run into someone, or talk to a stranger in the grocery line, and the conversation goes like this:

“Hey, how are you?”

“Good, how are you?”

“I’m fine, thanks.”

And that’s it! No true connection, no supporting, nothing. What happens when we treat our relationship with our partner like that? Let me ask you this, do you remember the last time you had a truly meaningful conversation with your partner, beyond what happened at work? Do you intentionally set aside time to reconnect with one another and spend quality time together, or does it feel like life is just flying by and it’s difficult to set aside time to just be with one another? More often than not, I find that people deeply love their significant other, but once they’re beyond the “honeymoon phase”, thoughtfully choosing those times to reconnect sometimes goes to the wayside.

This, my friends, is why I created the KLEM Klub. It’s for the people that cherish their relationship with themselves and their loved ones more than anything, and they want to continue to grow that happy, healthy connection. It’s also for people who are craving community and looking for a safe space to be supported, share what’s really on their heart, and grow in ways they’ve only dreamed of through open communication and exploration. And bonus: the KLEM Klub is an annual membership that includes TWO mini photo sessions to further facilitate the growth of your relationship and provide you with beautiful, tangible images that document the season of life you’re in and let you stop time.

I’m so looking forward to working with some incredible souls who are fully committed to living their relationships at a 10+ and know the importance of taking their relationship to the next level and having FUN while doing it. I would love to connect with you if this sounds like the right fit for you. More information about the KLEM Klub can be found here, or you can directly set up a phone call with me here. Enrollment for the KLEM Klub will only be open until April 30th, 2019.

Not sure if the KLEM Klub is for you? I’m also offering complimentary Relationship Curation Calls that support you to intentionally curate the next chapter of your love story with ease, creativity, and passion. These calls are normally a $97 value and are only available until April 30th, so schedule yours today.

It’s my life’s mission to spread love throughout the world, and the KLEM Klub gives us the opportunity to change the world in an incredibly beautiful way. What do you have to lose? I look can’t wait to chat with you all and see how we can enhance each other’s lives.

Love always,