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There’s so much to consider when it comes to running your business. Whether it’s deciding to outsource your editing, or what CRM system you’re going to use, there are so many tools available to us to make our lives easier. Below, I’ve listed out my favorite tools and companies that have made running a business and having a life so much easier. And bonus, these links give you a discount when you use them! As always, you can email me directly with questions, comments, or just to say, “Hi!” at


KLem Studios’ favorite tools

  • Basic Invite–Receive 20% off every order (please email me for details)

  • Brandless–Brandless offers better-for-you products at simple, fair prices. Save on non-GMO & organic food, clean beauty, non-toxic cleaning, sustainable office supplies, and more. Get $6 off your first order of $48 or more.

  • BorrowLenses–Rent professional camera gear. $30 off your first order (please email me for details)

  • CreativeLive–Free live online classes. Receive $15 off your first purchased class.

  • Day Designer–The original strategic planner and daily agenda for living a well-designed life.

  • Freshly–No shopping, prepping, cooking, or cleanup required. Fresh ingredients. All natural. Gluten free. Never frozen. Get $40 off a two-week delivery.

  • HoneyBook–Client management software for small businesses. Receive 50% off your first year with HoneyBook.

  • Photographer’s Edit–Custom image editing for the wedding and portrait photographer. Get 50% off your first order of $20 or more.

  • Pixieset–Client photo galleries for the modern photographer. Earn bonus storage when you sign up.

  • Planoly–Visually manage, plan, and schedule your Instagram posts from your mobile phone or computer

  • Square–Get free processing on up to $1000 in sales

  • Turo–Get $25 off your first trip with Turo. I love using Turo while I travel rather than traditional car rental. Affordable and efficient, Turo is my go-to!

*The clickable links are affiliate links. I’m proud to use and support these brands. If you’d like to try them out, please click the links above!

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