Wedding Signage Tips: Guest Blog by Jenna Kast

Planning a wedding is exciting. The dress! The venue! The invitations! (Hellooooo, Pinterest!)

But in the excitement of planning a wedding, it can be easy to overlook the little details. It’s easy to check off the big boxes: the invitations, the dress, and even the honeymoon destination; but there are a lot of little things that come into play when tens or hundreds of people come together–all looking to eat, drink, and have a good time.

Throughout a wedding day there is so much information that needs to be communicated to guests in order to ensure they have a great time. Stop and think about it. The couple won’t have time to direct their guests to the bathroom or explain what the bar menu is.

This is where those hidden details come into play - the signage.

Hand lettered signage is a great blend of form and function. Here are some ways to use hand lettering to communicate with guests and keep everyone happy:


At the Ceremony

Unplugged Wedding: A pet peeve of photographers, guests, and couples alike is those certain guests who watch the whole wedding through their phone screen. Post an unplugged wedding sign at the ceremony entrance to encourage guests to enjoy the moment with their hearts instead of their devices.

Programs: Spice up your wedding program with a hand lettered design that matches your invitations.

In Memoriam: Post a beautiful and touching tribute to family members who have passed away. A meaningful quote along with loved ones’ names and photos is a great way to honor their memory during this important day.


At the Reception

Find Your Seat: The biggest logistic challenge of a reception is ensuring that everyone can find their seat and enjoy their meal. (The last thing anyone want is hangry guests!) whether a couple opts for a seating chart and table numbers, or escort/place cards, both are great opportunities to use beautiful calligraphy to make guests feel special and get them where they need to go.

Time to Eat: Hand lettered menus at the table or food labels on a buffet or dessert bar are a beautiful way to inform guests on the ingredients and preparation of their meal - and a good way for guests to avoid allergens and foods they’re sensitive to.

Where to Go: Outdoor wedding locations can be confusing for guests, so posting directional signs to let guests know where to go (dinner, dance floor, and especially restrooms) means that they’ll have a much better time.

Bonus Tip: Having signage with details like the schedule of events and the bar menu is another way to make guests feel welcome and comfortable.


The best rule of thumb is to never leave guests guessing. Mentally walk through the planned wedding day as a guest to uncover possible questions or pain points, and then plan to solve them with easy-to-understand signs.

Working with a hand lettering artist to create signage for the ceremony and reception not only gives guests a better experience by preventing confusion and making them comfortable, but it adds to the beautiful decor and experience had by guests and couples alike.

To find lettering artists in your area, search online, ask in local wedding groups, and ask your wedding vendors (like your photographer or planner) for recommendations. Have more questions for me? Reach out to me through my website,

Happy wedding planning!

Jenna Kast