Vendor Love: Dana Michele Makeup


What makes Dana Michele Makeup so unique?

As an on-site makeup artist, I will conveniently travel to you. I offer both airbrush and traditional foundation. I truly cater to the individuals needs, with having a background in skincare I am able to offer recommendations for getting their skin at it's best for their big day.

What areas do you consider yourself most successful in helping your wedding clients?

Educating my clients on what will be best for them personally. They may already be overwhelmed by all of the planning, and looking their best on the big day can be a stressor, so taking that stress factor out, answering any questions or concerns regarding makeup helps them to feel more confident that their authenticity will be best represented.

If you could give any advice to wedding planning couples, what would it be?

Budget around what is most important to you both, the wedding, and the memories that you will forever have. This day is about celebrating your love for one another, stay true to what you want and don't feel pressured to go with other people's ideas.

How many years have you been providing services to wedding clients?

I've been providing services to wedding clients for 8 years!

How many people are on your team?

I am a solo artist primarily, though I have a wonderful group of individuals that are always willing to help out on larger bridal parties.

What areas of Wisconsin do you serve?

I travel wherever I'm needed. More frequently I am in Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh, and the surrounding areas. I travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin Dells, and Door County as well.

How many wedding clients do you take on each year? Do you take on other clients as well?

Every year is different, this year I have around 23 weddings (and counting). I also work in editorial, senior portraits, engagement, boudoir, production, and lessons.



What type of wedding client will be happiest with the services you provide?

I cater to my clients needs from natural beauties to glamazons. Bridal trials are an important part of determining a desired look as it allows me and my client to create a game plan for their wedding day.

What do you think is most important for wedding planning couples to consider when researching vendors in your field of services?

Look at the vendors experience and education. Look at their website/instagram/portfolio to see their work. Reach out and ask questions.

What are some of your favorite wedding details to work with? What are some of your favorite, unique items/ideas you've seen couples bring into their wedding day/wedding planning?

Some of my favorite wedding details to work with are the design of the dress itself, along with jewelry, theme, and colors.

How far in advance do you recommend couples book your services? Are you available on short notice?

Everyone is different in how they plan their weddings. I would suggest booking a year in advance. I am sometimes available on short notice.

What do you think is potentially the most stressful part of wedding planning? Do you have any tips on how to avoid this or get through this easily?

The options. There are so many vendors to choose from it  can be overwhelming to know who is the right choice. Researching the vendors you are interested in working with is helpful. Reach out to them and ask questions about their services and prices and what's included and to be expected.

When you're not working, what are some of your favorite hobbies or past-times?

When I'm not working I enjoy spending my time with my husband and our two cats, hanging out with friends, and going on outdoor adventures. In the fall I am all about football and food.

Is there any other information you would like researching wedding couples to know?

Don't stress yourself or each other out over the little things. Work together, make a game plan, do your research, and enjoy the planning process.

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