Vendor Love: Andrew of Three North Film

One of the things that is SO rewarding about carefully crafting my preferred vendor list is getting to dig deeper with vendors that I already know and like and finding out just why they do what they do. When you're talking with professional wedding vendors, their "why" usually centers around their client and making sure the clients have a great experience. When I asked Andrew Snyder of Three North Films why he loves providing high-end wedding films, he said, "I want to make people cry." If you think about it, that's a really beautiful sentiment. Providing someone with a service and experience that goes above and beyond their wildest expectations, and when they see the gorgeous final product, they're moved to tears? That's magical. Making films that are focused on cinematic and emotion are what Three North Films is known for. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Andrew a few weeks ago over coffee and we really dug into what makes the Three North Films experience so special:

What areas do you consider yourself most successful in helping your wedding clients?

If I can be there to provide a little bit of peace of mind throughout the day, I'm happy.

If you could give any advice to wedding planning couples, what would it be?

The advice I'd give to wedding couples planning their day is pretty simple. Work with the people you trust, hire the vendors that speak to your taste, and keep it simple. Plan the wedding that will allow you to be most present.

What makes your service unique?

I believe what makes a Three North wedding film a little different is the focus on blending emotion, narrative, and visuals. I want make a film that has an honest feeling and triggers some reverie each time you play it back.

How many people are on your team?

Besides myself, I have 2-3 collaborators that I work with.

How many years have you been providing services to wedding clients?

I've been making wedding films for 6 years now.

How many wedding clients do you take on each year? Do you take on other clients as well?

I like to take on about 10-12 weddings each year. Three North also takes on a few commercial photo and video projects throughout the year as well as passion projects.

What type of wedding client will be happiest with the services you provide?

I love to work with couples who are doing things their own way on their wedding day, but my absolute favorite thing is when couples open up and take my films as an opportunity to be vulnerable with their love for each other. I don't make my wedding films for a large audience. I'm making these films for my clients to play back and have this piece of their story for years to come.

What are some of the policies/rules of your services that you think researching couples should know right away?

I don't have a rigid set of rules and policies other than I ask that couples hire Three North for what we do and the films we make. Again, hire the vendors that trust and speak to your taste.

What are some of your favorite wedding details to work with? What are some of your favorite, unique items/ideas you've seen couples bring into their wedding day/wedding planning?

I'm a sucker for first looks. There's nothing revolutionary about a first look at this point, but I love the intimacy of that moment and how the couples get to share a bit of that calm before the storm together. I also love it when couples pass on a letter to each other at some point in the day. The reading of letters is such a raw and emotional moment. Wisconsin weddings are BIG weddings with lots of guests and that can get a bit chaotic. Essentially, anything that can pull my clients away from the chaos and allow them to relax and remember that this their day for each other, I'm all for it.

What is the price range of your services?

I provide wedding packages ranging from $1800 - $4000. There's a little something for everybody.

How far in advance do you recommend couples book your services? Are you available on short notice?

I'm available on short notice, but I prefer at least 6 months in advance.

What do you think is most important for wedding planning couples to consider when they are researching vendors in your field of services?

I guess I've touched on this a few times already, but to hire those you trust and speak to your taste. There are a lot of creatives in this industry and there is always somebody out there for you.

What do you think is potentially the most stressful part of wedding planning? Do you have any tips on how to avoid this or get through this easily?

I'm not an expert on the planning side, but I've been in the industry long enough to know that even when nothing goes strictly to the itinerary everything tends to work out just fine! Keep it simple and plan the wedding day that allows you both to be present for.

When you're not working, what are some of your favorite hobbies or past-times?

I'm one of those people with a deep bag of hobbies, but I'm endlessly passionate about film photography and I always try to make time to play some music everyday.

You can find out more about Three North Films at