Kohler Wedding Photography: Brandi + Josh Elope


Brandi glided out into the American Club courtyard, tiptoeing up behind Josh in her stunning red high-low wedding gown. She tapped him on the shoulder and he turned to see his beautiful bride-to-be. They spent a few quiet moments alone together in the courtyard dotted with snow on that chilly Valentine's Day afternoon. Just down the hall in the Founders Room, their closest friends and family waited to celebrate their intimate elopement. For the moment, they took pleasure in snuggling in each other's arms and stealing kisses before saying "I do".

Not only were they celebrating their marriage, Brandi and josh were celebrating the blending of their families. Their four adorable children danced and sashayed among the aisles, tittering with excitement from all the festivities. As Brandi and Josh stood in front of the fireplace in the Founders Room, pledging to spend the rest of their lives together, they included their children in their ceremony as well, making promises to them and to each other.

Their four little ones looked on as they shared their first kiss as husband and wife. Family gathered round to give them blessings and well wishes. Standing under the glittering chandeliers, Brandi and Josh toasted each other with glasses of champagne in hand. Brandi confessed that all she really wanted from her wedding day, besides marrying Josh, was champagne and cake, which The American Club did a gorgeous job of delivering. Delicious passed hors d'oeuvres made their way around the room among the laughing and mingling family and friends. While their guests wined and dined, Brandi and Josh took a few moments to sit in front of the fire and appreciate one another. They cuddled up, snuck in a few more kisses, and were lost in their own little world as the younger guests played around them.

Brandi and Josh's wedding journey was so unique and special because they focused on what was important to them and their relationship. They thoughtfully created an intimate experience that centered around them as a family and the love they have for one another. Sometimes, couples feel pressured to divulge every detail of their wedding planning and love story to anyone who will ask. However, there is something incredibly beautiful and sacred in keeping in mind the reason why you choose to spend your life with someone and keeping the details of that path you want to take to reach that momentous milestone between just a handful of people. These two adventuresome soulmates dreamt up a relaxed, blissful wedding experience where they got to be completely swept up in their own whirlwind and stay in that moment until well beyond the day they said "I do".

Brandi and Josh, I know that the future holds many more adventures  for the two of you, and I am so incredibly grateful that I got to tag along on one of your greatest adventures. May your years ahead be filled with new destinations, welcoming companionship, and always knowing that you'll have your partner by your side every step of the way. Cheers to the two of you and the sentiments you have created.

Much love and appreciation,

Special thanks to Kathleen Raddatz for officiating and to the team at The American Club for helping create such a beautiful day.