How to Make People Feel Special on Your Wedding Day

If you’ve got just a few months to go before your wedding day, you're probably going to be putting the finishing touches in place, everything from your ceremony to your reception details. Looking for ways to make your mother feel closer to your big day? Want to include your father-in-law in some special way? Making someone feel important on your wedding day is about making them stand out from the rest of the guests. Whether it’s apparent to everyone in attendance or something only the two of you know about, I've put together a list of ideas to make the people closest to you feel like they’re treasured.



  • Wear her veil/ jewelry– Including any piece of your mother's wedding day ensemble will make her feel loved and special. Emotions will overflow when she sees her heirlooms being used again. And if you keep them safe, your daughter may use them on her big day. Plus, it can count as your something old and something borrowed!

  • Publicly thank her– Including her in your speech is a sure way to make her stand out. Thanking her for all her hard work raising you as a single mother, or for taking off work to help you plan your wedding, will show her, and everyone else, your never-ending gratitude.

  • Have her escort you down the aisle– The person leading you to the love of your life and giving you away should be the person who means the most to you. Someone you look up to and trust and has helped you become the person you are today. This person is not always a father figure. Your mother is a wonderful option to guide you down the aisle on your big day.

MOTHER-IN-LAW (Besides the Mother/Son Dance)

  • Use her cake topper– Including something of importance from your mother-in-law’s wedding day will help her feel included and loved. Being able to look back on her own day is sure to bring on all the feels.

  • Display her wedding photo– much like the cake topper, using your mother-in-law’s wedding photo as part of your décor is a great way to make her feel loved. Show her that you find her love and marriage to be an inspiration. (Good option if your in-laws are still married)

  • Acknowledge traditions that are important to her– All too often, the mother-of-the-groom feels left out. Acknowledging a tradition from her side of the family shows that you respect her and the things that are important to her.

FATHER (Besides the Father/Daughter Dance)

  • First Look– Your father is used to being the one who’s responsible for taking care of you. Take some time with him before he hands you, and the responsibility, off to another man. Having a first look with your father gives him a chance to see you before everyone else and get out any possible tears before you walk the aisle. He’ll surely feel good knowing you wanted to spend some quality quiet time with him before going off to start your new life.

  • Publicly thank him– same as with your mom. Including your father in your speech and letting him know how grateful you are for everything he’s done for you, will be a touching moment for him.

  • Write a special note– If you’re not great with speeches, or you know your father wouldn’t appreciate the attention on him, I suggest writing him a private note to tell him how you feel.


  • Ask to do a reading– Asking your father-in-law to get up front with you and do a special reading will create a moment that only he can share with you. Put in him the spotlight as a special part of your day and let him shine.  

  • Special entrée or hors d’oeuvres– Display your fathers-in-law’s favorite entrée or hors d’oeuvres to honor him during your meal. They always say, the road to a man's heart is through his stomach!


  • Special Roles– Make your grandmother your flower girl or your grandfather your ring bearer! They probably haven’t been part of a wedding is over 20 years and would love the opportunity to get dressed up and walk the aisle again. It’s an outrageously cute trend that’s sure to make them feel special.  

  • Boutonniere/corsage– Give them something to make them stand out from the rest of the guests. A boutonniere or corsage that matches your other wedding flowers is a great way to do this.

  • Special reading– As stated earlier, making someone feel special on your wedding day is mostly about setting them apart from the rest of the guests. Being able to get up in front of everyone with you and share their favorite reading is a great way to do this.


  • Save a seat– Mark a chair or two as reserved for the people who couldn’t be with you on your big day. A sign stating who the chair is for is a great way to keep them in everyone’s minds.

  • Light a candle– Lighting a candle during your ceremony for those you’ve lost is a wonderful way of keeping them in your thoughts and incorporating them into your day.

  • Photo display– Add a photo display to your ceremony or reception to keep their memory alive

  • Attach photos to your bouquet– Carry them down the aisle with you, close to your heart, by attaching frames with their photos to your bouquet.


Even though it’s your big day, guests always appreciate even a small gesture to show that you are thinking about them and care that they’re there enjoying themselves. Here are some ideas on how to keep guests feeling the love:

  • Keep them hydrated– Whether your inside or outside, if it’s a hot day, your guests are probably feeling it. Keep them hydrated throughout the day by providing flavored water for them to enjoy at your ceremony or bottles of water during the dancing at your reception.

  • Keep protected from the elements– So many weddings today are outside. The tricky part about that is dealing with the elements. Many people don’t consider this when they leave for a wedding, so having the necessary items ready for them when they arrive is a great way to show them that you’re thinking of them and want them to enjoy themselves.

    • Cold Days– Blankets: if your wedding is taking place during a time of the year where there’s the chance that it may be cool out, have some small blankets or throws available for people who are less prepared to wrap up in.

    • Hot Days- If your wedding is taking place during a time that may be hot, providing ways to cool down is extremely important. You'll hopefully avoid to call an ambulance for heat exhaustion in the middle of your ceremony.

      • Provide spray water bottles filled with essential oil scented water so guests can mist themselves.

      • Double team your programs by making them into fans so guests can give themselves with some air flow.

      • Provide umbrellas to shade people from the harsh sun

      • Have sunscreen available at the entrance to your ceremony

    • Rain- If you're having an outdoor wedding with no back up plan, purchase some umbrellas for people who may arrive without one if there's a chance of rain.

  • Bug spray– Bugs can be a huge damper on the day if you don’t provide a way for your guests to combat them

  • Keep kids occupied– If you invite kids to your wedding, have a way of keeping them occupied so the parents can enjoy the day, too. Having activities like coloring books and puzzles are a great way to keep them entertained and frees up the parents to partake in the wedding festivities

  • Sandals– So many women wear heels that end up killing their feet by the end of the day. Providing some sandals for them to change into will help them keep dancing all night.

  • Late-night snacks– After a night of dancing, people will have worked off the delicious meal you fed them earlier in the evening. Having a round of midnight snacks is a great way to refuel your guests. Fun snacks like popcorn, a taco bar, or a food truck are a great way to add to your night.

  • Bathroom essentials– Providing things like tampons, hair spray, and a sewing kit can help your guests with things they may have forgotten and keep the night running smoothly for everyone.

  • Note in the program– Put a note in the program expressing your gratitude to everyone for coming, showing their support, and helping you celebrate.

  • Group photos– Have your photographer take a group photo of everyone who attended your wedding so you’ll never forget who was there. You can also use that photo for your Thank You cards and everyone will have a copy!

  • Shuttles or designated drivers– After a night of celebrating, some people may need extra help getting home. Having a ride service available ensures the safety of your guests and loved ones. Make it known ahead of time that you’ll have this service available and people are more likely to stay longer and have more fun!

  • Special hello for hotel guests– If you blocked off rooms for your guests to stay at, put a special welcome in their room before their arrival. A special note along with a small gift bag is a cute way to let your guests know your happy they're here.

Your wedding day is all about gathering your favorite people and filling the day with love. These are just a few ways to spread the love even further on your big day. I can't wait to see all of the special touches you've got in store!


I'm here for ya,