Green Bay Wedding Photography: Brent and Abbie Elopement

The law office walls were covered with beautifully bound reference books, all gently glowing with gold and red embossing. Some of the bindings had started to show their age, but it only enhanced the elegance and reverence of the room Abbie and Brent were standing in. They had gathered their nearest and dearest to witness their very intimate winter elopement. Abbie wore a gorgeous gathered navy blue lace dress, and a very dapper Brent faced her in a dark suit and navy blue tie. Brent had given Abbie a stunning vintage engagement ring, a family heirloom, that shimmered in the low light. She held a bouquet of faux flowers, some she had made by hand using pages from Harry Potter (be still, my heart!). Around her neck and ears, Abbie donned the pearl jewelry Brent had given her earlier in their relationship.

With their sweet words and "I dos" exchanged, Abbie and Brent sealed their forever with a kiss. Their brought out their furbaby, Mack, for some family photos along the Downtown Green Bay Boardwalk. Mother Nature was feeling a little rebellious and enveloped the wedding party in harsh, bitter winds amidst the sunshine. These guys were troopers, let me tell you! A walk down Broadway brought us to Kavarna coffeeshop where the newlyweds and well-wishers gathered over hot drinks before heading to their reception at Republic Chophouse.

From what I can see, Abbie and Brent are a perfect match for each other. Her fiery wit matches his blunt honesty, and they both keep each other on their toes. They have a quiet confidence in each other that shimmers beneath the surface in every situation. It's clear that their similar interests and deep love for one another will bring them happiness and success for many, many years to come. Brent and Abbie, thank you so much for inviting me along on your wedding journey. It was truly an honor to be a part of your special day.

Much love and appreciation,

WeddingsLauren Grier