Boudoir Session Outfit Tips

So your boudoir session is on the books, and you're starting to think about what outfits you're going to wear to knock your session out of the park. Your boudoir wardrobe can really make or break your session. 

When selecting outfits, stick to your usual sizing. Buying an item a size smaller won't make the overall look slimmer, it can actually make bulges where there normally aren't. If you're buying a two-piece ensemble, look for a brand or store that lets you buy the top and bottoms in different sizes rather than being preassembled. If you're like me, you may fit more comfortably in a small top and a medium bottom, rather than mediums all around. Choose items that make you feel sexy, rather than what you think is sexy. If you feel sexy in an oversized t-shirt and panties, go ahead and rock that look. You'll be way more comfortable and relaxed posing in that outfit than if you selected a bra and panty set that shows off areas you're not comfortable with, but you thought it was "sexier". 

For the petite ladies out there:

  • Bright colors will make you pop on camera

  • Horizontal lines in your outfit selections will bring out the curves you already have

  • Skirted bottoms will add oomph to your tush

  • Push-up bras will perk the girls up in a flattering way that doesn't look over-done

  • Lingerie with curved seams will bring out those curves as well. Corsets aren't just for the curvy ladies, petite women are stunning in them, too! Find one that has ribbing that cinches in at the waist.   


For the pear-shaped ladies:

  • A plunging neckline will accentuate your slimmest parts

  • A padded bra helps boost the girls and create an hourglass illusion

  • Avoid babydoll tops, empire-waisted items, or bottoms with ruffles and fluff--they will make your bottom look bigger


For the curvy ladies:

  • Slimming fishnet stockings are super sultry and add layers to the legs that can make them look longer

  • Babydoll and empire-waisted pieces are great for curvy ladies who aren't as confident about their midsection

  • Bustiers or corsets help boost the breasts while slimming the middle and creating curves

  • Body suits are sexy on anyone, but they're also great for feeling sexy without the need to reveal a lot of skin


Advice for all ladies:

  • You don't need to lose those last 5 or 10 pounds that were your goal, having a great wardrobe is key. A proper wardrobe means your photographer can pose you in tons of different poses rather than being limited by less-than-desirable outfit choices.

  • A bra and panty set can be a beautiful outfit, but it should be worn if you're comfortable with your midsection. I think all of you are beautiful, so create your wardrobe based on your comfort level.

  • High-waisted bottoms cinch the tummy in--be sure to try them on to see if it cinches in a flattering way, or just creates bumps and bulges where there normally aren't. 

  • Fall-off-the-shoulder tops are always very romantic and have a girl-next-door feel. Try to find a top that doesn't drown your torso, but instead hugs in just the right places.

  • Over-the-knee and thigh-high socks and tights are super sexy. Try them on before purchasing to make sure the band in the top of the sock or tights doesn't create a bulge where it sits. 

  • A pair of nude heels will elongate your legs and lift the booty. These are a must for your session!

  • Bring something meaningful to your significant other, whether it's his or her favorite button down, or a jersey, etc. It adds an even more personal touch to the session.

  • If your session will be a wedding gift, bring along your veil or wedding lingerie to shoot in. Your groom will be so surprised when he opens his album and gets a little preview of what's to come!

  • Try all of your outfits on again before your shoot. Bring the pieces you're most confident with so we can choose which outfits will be best.

  • Remove all tags and labels, and steam/iron the pieces if necessary

If you're looking at your current wardrobe and aren't wowed by anything there, head over to Boudoir in DePere! They have a great selection and wonderful staff to help you with your decisions. As always, you are more than welcome to reach out to me for further guidance and suggestions. Still feeling nervous? Bring a friend to your session! It's like having your favorite blanket wrapped around you, except this "blanket" can make you laugh and pour you another glass of champagne when needed.

Have more questions? Email me with your ideas and wonderings, I would love to help.

See you on the sexy side,

BoudoirLauren Grier