Boudoir Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Why do you schedule a meeting or a phone call with us when we inquire?

Once I receive your inquiry, we’ll set up a time to grab a cup of coffee or hop on the phone to get to know one another. This step is incredibly important because we’ll get to ensure you are working with the absolute best photographer for your experience–whether that photographer is KLEM Studios or not! Think of it as a first date of sorts; I promise I’ll pick up the tab, hold the door open for you, and then we’ll see if you feel butterflies afterward. 😉 Because of the intimate, personal nature of boudoir photography, we want to make sure that you connect with and trust your photographer. If you trust your photographer, you’ll feel comfortable opening up and being empowered.

What are your privacy options?

I know how personal and intimate these images are. In your contract, you have a number of privacy options to choose from ranging from complete privacy and anonymity to a full release allowing KLEM Studios to use any of your images. I do offer a bonus to clients that allow me to use images that they approve of from their session. Your images will never be shared without your permission. I’m happy to sign an NDA if your profession or public visibility requires one.

How many images do you deliver? What is the turnaround time?

I don’t have a set number of images we deliver because every session is so different. Usually, we deliver 50-100 images per hour of coverage. Your images will be ready for viewing and delivery within two weeks of your wedding date. I know how important these images are to you, and you’re excited to see them–I’m excited to deliver them to you!

Do we get raw, unedited photos?

The raw, unedited photos are unavailable for viewing or purchasing. You can feel comforted knowing that any images not delivered or edited are truly outtakes, the images delivered reflect the high standards I have for my images. Because I don’t deliver a set number of images, rest assured knowing that every image delivered is carefully selected and edited.

Do you “touch up” or “Photoshop” our images?

Every single image delivered has been carefully curated and touched up, making sure the image is straight, it isn’t too light or dark, the color is true-to-life, etc. I do not do any changing of the shape or size of the body, removal of whole objects or tattoos, etc. in the galleries I deliver because KLEM Studios celebrates the beauty of every person as they are. I use posing and angles to make sure you feel confident and amazing and to prove to you how incredibly beautiful and strong you are.

Do we get printing rights?

Yes! You have the right to unlimited reprints of your images, whenever you would like to reprint them. However, you may not sell your images or use them for profit, and you may not publish the images without written consent from KLEM Studios. I do retain copyright to the images and the right to use them for promotional purposes, competitions, etc.

Do you provide professional products?

Absolutely, it’s one of my favorite parts of our experience! KLEM Studios offers everything from loose prints to wall art to albums, and more. A credit towards products like these is included in every package. They’re delivered within two weeks of your session. If you need the products sooner than that, I can deliver products within 5-10 business days for a $100 rush fee.

Boudoir Session Questions

When should I schedule my boudoir session?

If you have a special event in mind that is the reason for your boudoir session, like a wedding or upcoming birthday, I would suggest scheduling your boudoir session at least two months prior to the event to ensure your products arrive on time.

What do I need to do to prep?

I will explain all of this to you in detail after we’ve nailed down the logistics of your session, like when and where. I’ve got loads of tips, like hair removal options and what to wear while you’re being prepped the day of your session. Every detail will be covered, and you’ll show up to your session already feeling like an old pro.

What should I wear?

Your outfits can totally make or break your session (no pressure)! You’ll provide the outfits you wear during your session, although I do have a few pieces and props on hand. I wrote a whole blog post dedicated to outfit tips and ideas for ladies here.

Who will be at my session?

If your package includes my glamour team, they will be there during your prep time and then will depart when their services are complete. Some packages include one of my assistants to help with your session. These assistants are an extension of me and honor all of your privacy and comfort concerns. You’re welcome to bring a friend to your session as well if that will make you feel more comfortable!

Do I have to pose nude?

Not if you’re uncomfortable with the idea! Prior to your session, I’ll dig into what types of images you want to create, and if you have any boundaries you’d like to stay within. While I empower my clients and encourage them to step outside their comfort zones, I will never EVER pressure someone to do something that frightens them or makes them uncomfortable.

How “sassy” do your sessions get?

If I were to place my sessions on the erotic meter, I would say that these session rank 4/10. What you see on my website and social media is an accurate display of the images you’ll receive and what you’ll be asked to do. I love women that are confident or want to play with their femininity and sexuality, and I shoot a range of photos from clothed to partially clothed to tasteful nudes, and exposed breasts and tushies. If you love what you’ve seen on my website and social media, I’m the girl for you!

If I’m running late, will you shoot longer than you were scheduled?

If I don’t have any appointments after you, yes! I have an overtime rate and will offer this with your permission and approval. We’ll take care of billing you after your session. The overtime rate applies to all the KLEM Studios team working your session.

Can I bring a friend to my session? Can they take behind the scenes photos?

Of course, you can bring a friend! Whatever will make you feel most comfortable.

I request that friends don’t take photos during the session for privacy purposes and to make sure that you are present and undistracted by their camera.

If your friend would like to schedule a session for that day as well, we’ll create a different timeline for you, and you’ll both receive a bonus!

Can I provide you with a “shot list” or “must take pictures”?

I would prefer if you didn’t give me a shot list. Pinterest offers a lot of great inspiration, and know that many of these poses are going to be photographed without you asking me to. I want to create images that are unique to you and capture your femininity and courage authentically and naturally. It would be a disservice to provide you with anything less than a custom experience.

Payment Questions

What is the investment to hire you for a boudoir session?

KLEM Studios offers a number of package options, please see our Investment Page for more information!

Do you offer payment plans? What does your payment plan look like?

Yes, I do, although I do offer bonuses for clients that pay-in-full. I ask for a retainer fee to secure your session date and package price, and then we break the remaining balance down into payments. Contract balances must be paid no later than the day of your session.

Can you hold a date for me?

Unfortunately, no. All sessions are taken on a first come, first served basis and are secured with a signed contract and paid retainer.

Will you travel to me to take my boudoir photos?

Sessions are most often held at my Green Bay studio. However, I am happy to travel to you if that makes more sense, and I am happy to chat with you about those options. Travel costs are included for a session within roughly 30 minutes of Green Bay (please contact us for an exact list of cities included in this radius). For sessions beyond that radius, travel fees may apply. For sessions not held in the KLEM Studios space, fees may apply for the rental of a space. We want to make sure that your images are absolutely incredible, and it is often a more relaxed, empowering, celebratory experience to have the session outside of the client’s home. We can talk through all of these ideas at your consult!

Do you offer discounts?

Occasional discounts are available but are based on time of year, our availability, and our travel schedules. If you have budgetary concerns, please reach out to me and we can chat further.

What happens if I need to cancel/reschedule?

In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your session, the retainer fee and all monies paid are nonrefundable. The retainer fee guarantees that I will hold your date for you, and at that point, I turn down other potential events for that date. Events canceled within 30 days of the session are subject to a $100 cancellation fee if there are balances unpaid at that point.

You can reschedule your session without penalty up to 14 days prior to your session. Any rescheduled sessions are subject to a $50 rescheduling fee.