Contact for Boudoir Photography

You are a rockstar, my friend! If you've landed on this page, that means you're about to take an awesome, courageous step and reach out to me about a boudoir session. I see you, I'm here for you, and I'm so excited to chat further with you. Once I receive your email, we’ll set up a time to grab a cup of coffee or hop on the phone to get to know one another. This step is incredibly important because we’ll get to ensure you are working with the absolute best photographer for your experience–whether that photographer is KLEM Studios or not! Think of it as a first date of sorts; I promise I’ll pick up the tab, hold the door open for you, and then we’ll see if you feel butterflies afterwards. 😉Because of the intimate, personal nature of boudoir photography, we want to make sure that you connect with and trust your photographer. If you trust your photographer, you’ll feel comfortable opening up and being empowered.