Boudoir Photography

Empowering photography experiences for women who are seeking confidence, a safe space for expression, or to burst out of restraint or suppression.

Turn Up the Heat!

Boudoir sessions are all about YOU – your inner beauty, your femininity, and boosting your self-confidence. It can be nerve-wracking to schedule your boudoir session; you might not feel confident and don't believe the session will change you. The empowerment and confidence you feel afterwards is a reward in itself, and I promise to guide you and comfort you every step of the way. 


Top Ten Benefits of Booking a Boudoir Session:

  1. Two words: Free. Champagne.

  2. By empowering yourself, you’re also empowering other women. 10% from every boudoir session goes to The Rose Home right here in Green Bay!

  3. Scheduling a boudoir session with KLEM Studios means you've gained a friend and confidant; we're in this together.

  4. You’ll step into your own power and feel absolutely incredible during and after your session.

  5. Your confidence is going to be through the roof, sister. You are a goddess, inside and out.

  6. You are the star of the whole session, and we are gonna work it like Tyra Banks!

  7. Believing in your own strength and power will ripple out to the other women in your life. You are powerful!

  8. If your significant other sees your boudoir images, they will be blown away. KLEM is not responsible for resulting damages ;)

  9. You get a photographer who is going to spoil you silly and love you for who you are.

  10. I play awesome music during your session to help you channel your inner Beyonce and Sasha Fierce.


Kate was incredible to work with. I was hesitant to do a boudoir session, because I thought I’d feel vulnerable, awkward, and insecure, but I ended up walking away feeling confident, comfortable, and really sexy! I could not have had a better experience! The session was empowering, and Kate captured some breathtaking photos (never thought I’d call photos of myself in lingerie “breathtaking”, but here I am!!).
— Nicole, KLEM Client


Additional Pampering Available

I highly encourage you to allow yourself to be pampered for your session. A few musts: polished and manicured nails, professional hair and makeup, and lots of sleep and water! You have the option to work with my incredible glamour team right at my home studio before your boudoir session. There's guaranteed to be bubbly on-hand and some killer music to set the mood.

Professional products, guaranteed

The digital world we live in is both a blessing, and a curse, in my opinion. Having your photos at your fingertip is so convenient, and I love being able to deliver the photos to my clients so quickly after their session. But one downside to the digital world, is that these files often never turn into something tangible. And girl, you deserve to be printed! Whether you're hoping to gift your images in a keepsake album, or with a few sentimental prints, I've got you covered. My prints, albums, and wall art are the perfect way to display your boudoir images, and they're made to last a lifetime. I work with the best in the business to ensure that the products you select will wow you every day, from now until forever.


We were really impressed with how our wedding canvases and the engagement photo guest book turned out! All the products we received were very high quality and look amazing!”
— Kayla, KLEM Bride