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Goal Setting for Yourself and Your Relationship

It’s important to dream big and set goals for yourself and your relationship. I have my goals posted in various places around the house and my office as reminders and little pieces of encouragement to stay motivated to reach those goals. I find that setting goals and having something that we’re working towards makes what you’re trying to obtain just a little more tangible.

Goals are an important piece to a healthy relationship. And there are two parts to this: yourself, and your relationship. By setting goals for ourselves, we still get to obtain some of that individualism that is so important in a relationship.

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Drum Roll Please… An Even BIGGER Announcement

Okay, so I know that just last week, I shared a big announcement with you all (you can read all about the here), but I’ve got another exciting piece I’ve been cooking up for a couple months now. I’ve created a community called the KLEM Klub for people who are truly dedicated to celebrating and cultivating love in their lives and their relationships.

As a wedding photographer, I bear witness to so many amazing relationships and I get to experience first hand what makes those relationships work. Seeing people so deeply in love and working to grow their relationship is incredibly inspiring.

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BIG Things are happening! KLEM Studios' New Studio Grand Opening

After nine years of business, we’ve grown to a point where having four walls (but really, it feels like 20 walls now because we hand painted alllll of them) that are completely dedicated to photography and all things love is essential to our vision and business going forward.

This little beauty is located in the historic Vickery Village in Suamico, and I’m lucky to have some of the greatest neighbors: Chives, Ginger Birch, Paramount Physical Therapy, and Spork, just to name a few! The village is becoming a one-stop-shop for all things events, making it really convenient for those planning a wedding or event.

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To My First Home

To My House on Division Street:

I’m not sure that there are enough words and emotions to encompass everything I want to convey. You, my sweet little colonial home, were simply magical. When I started looking for a home, I was young and didn’t know what to expect. I fell in love with you as soon as I walked through your stained glass front door and saw your warm hardwood floors, enchanting fireplace,  and arched doorways. Your stairs creaked with each step, telling stories of the people who had lived here before. In your 92 years of life, I’m sure you had seen and heard some pretty incredible things.

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Celebrating Two Years with Andrew

I can’t believe that as I write this, Andy and I are getting ready to celebrate two years of dating. That number seems so small compared to the number of memories we’ve created and the years that lie ahead of us. We’ve filled the past two years with love, laughter, friendship, and growth, to the point that it doesn’t seem possible that we’ve only been in each other’s lives for two years. During this time, we’ve taken numerous vacations and getaways, survived a kitchen remodel and our first six months of truly living together, sold one house, grown KLEM Studios into a studio space, launched a second business, changed job roles, gotten ENGAGED and started planning our own wedding!

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Introducing Wild Klementine, a Sister Business to KLEM Studios

This big, beautiful life offers us so many opportunities, it can be hard to know which ones to take when they come our way. Then, there are times when we need to create our own opportunities. I did this when I started KLEM Studios, breathing life into what was little more than a bubbling hobby mixed with a college graphic design project. Now, I’m excited to announce the newest baby I’m bringing into the world: Wild Klementine.

Wild Klementine was born from a multi passionate lifestyle, blending a love of travel, food, and drink. As the sister business to KLEM Studios, it will still be very photography-focused, specializing in landscape photography, travel photography, and food and beverage photography.

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KLEM Studios’ 2018 Highlights

Friends, 2018 has come to a close, and what a year it was. 21 weddings. 9 engagement sessions. 20 boudoir sessions. 29 other sessions. Not to mention all of the amazing memories with friends and family. I think it’s safe to say that 2018 was the best year of my life thus far. There are so many incredible people that made this year one for the record books, and I just want to say thank you:

Andy, you are my love and my best friend. I am so freaking excited to spend the rest of my life with you, to snuggle our puppies together, and to always adventure together while loving each other deeply and honestly. I love you to the mountains and back.

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Cheers to you, Andrew!

For those of you that have met my better half, Andy, you know that he's a pretty humble guy. He doesn't enjoy a lot of attention, so I'm can imagine how much he’s cringing knowing that I put this blog post out there.  He doesn't feel the need to do anything out of the ordinary for his birthday, and he certainly doesn't want all eyes on him for any occasion. However, seeing as this man has committed to spending the rest of his life with me, you know damn well that I'm going to celebrate this guy!

Twice now, we've spent the Day of Andrews birth together, which seems so miniscule compared to the number of things that this guy does that are worth celebrating.

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KLEM Life: Our National Park Summer Road Trip 2018

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a bit obsessed with trip planning, which is where part of the inspiration for my second business, Wild Klementine, came from. I’ve also become fond of bullet journaling to recap and remember our travels by. I wanted to share some of the road trip highlights (and downfalls) with you to either give you a bit of wanderlust, or to inspire your next Western adventure. This awesome road trip was the product of months of planning, and it had a surprise ending that was life-changing!

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KLEM Studios Associate Photographer Program

I've been working on another secret project, and I think this is the best one yet. I am so stinkin' thrilled to announce the launch of the KLEM Studios Associate Wedding Photographer Program! Allow me to introduce my two rockstar Associate Photographers: Sara Matuszak and Krista Hove. These ladies are incredible photographers, and I am just tickled that they've joined my team. Any of you who know these two know the amazing work they do.

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Personal Post: 2017 Year in Review

Friends, we've come to the end of 2017. Each year, I'm mystified as to where the days went, pages of the calendar flipping by. It seems like just yesterday I was writing about 2016 being the most challenging year of my life, and now here we are. New Year's Eve 2017 is just days away, and it's time to write another Year in Review post. I wanted to close out this year by sharing a bit of myself with you and leave you with a few thoughts. 

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When Life Is Scary Yet Exciting

"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing." Helen Keller said these famous words, I'm sure we've all heard them before. As I've gotten older and grown in my business as well, I've learned the truth in that saying. If we aren't taking risks in life, or seeking the unknown, or wandering off the popular path, are we really living? 

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Personal Post: On Change, Growth, and Rebirth

I've thought about writing this blog post a hundred times. Part of me told myself to not write it because I thought it would seem like a feeble cry for attention. Another part of me was afraid of how to carefully word phrases, and how people would perceive them. But thank God for the other part of me that exists, the one that said, "Speak up. Share your story. Stay humble, show grace, and exude love." So after walking my pooch in the swirling snow and pouring myself a beer, here I am.

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Top 10 Things to Do In Vail and Beaver Creek In Spring, Summer, and Fall

If you know me even just a smidge or have checked out my Instagram page, you know I've got a fierce case of wanderlust. I would live out of a suitcase if Tyler or my cats or my puppy would let me. But alas, here I am, head in the clouds, feet on the ground, and ready to spill my secrets on affordable travel in one of the most wonderful spots in the United States. Colorado holds a special place in my heart. If you haven't been, I hope this post inspires you to plan your trip to Colorado ASAP. 

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On Life, Death, and Beer

Last weekend, my parents and I attended the funeral of a family friend's father. Ellis was 98 when he passed, and it was clear how loved he was by everyone in attendance. Pictures of Ellis and his family adorned the room the funeral home had provided. His military history and medals were displayed proudly. Ellis' only grandson gave a beautiful eulogy speaking of Ellis' never-ending adoration and support for his entire family.

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Why I Left a Fortune 500 Company: Cheers to a Better Life

From a young age, I've always envisioned myself as making a difference in this world. Not in an egocentric, rule-the-world kind of way (certain politicians' names have been omitted for their protection), but in more of a Steve Jobs/Ansel Adams/Maya Angelou sort of way. I want to be really good at what I do, I want to help people and the world we live in, and I want to feel good about what I'm doing, morally and ethically. I was very much wandering along my life path until a few years ago when photography came into my life in a burst of color and black and white and film and equipment. It struck my soul with such a quite confidence, I knew I had found my life calling.

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