Wisconsin Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Ideas

Let's talk for a minute about the "Last Fling Before the Ring": the bachelorette and bachelor parties! Many brides and grooms today want something different than just going out to bars and clubs. I’ve put together a list of great alternative ideas for parties that are sure to please all types. Since some people involved in your party may be underage or not able to drink, I’ve included options that would be suitable for them as well. These are denoted by the MS and ND (MS-Minor Safe Option, ND-Non-Drinker Option). We’ve also included options that may be great for co-ed parties, listed first below:


  • Hiking and/or camping weekend (MS, ND) – I list this one first because the options are endless. It’s a budget-friendly option that can be paired with ANY of the other options I'm about to list, or it can be enjoyed solely on its own. Depending on where you choose to camp, you can enjoy activities like fishing, swimming, hiking, beer tours, boating, not to mention the possible nightlife if you choose a spot closer to a city. Plus, you can cook out and people who want to come but maybe can’t be included in all the actives can choose to stay behind or do their own thing. Between privately owned campgrounds and state/county parks, Wisconsin has hundreds of places to choose from! We highly suggest this option, whether a fun weekend by itself or tacking it onto the end of another option as a safe, fun way to end the event.

  • River Floating (MS, ND) – You can technically float down any Wisconsin river. But there are several that are knownfor their public tubing opportunities. Tubing can provide a safe, fun way for people to hang out and let loose. Plus, there’s usually a campground nearby for easy, safe places to stay.

    • Wolf River Trips- New London

    • River’s Edge Apple River Tubing and Camping- New Richmond

    • Sandy Shores- Mauston

  • Boat Rental (MS, ND) – If the weather cooperates, renting a pontoon with a driver can ensure a great time. Having a driver means you can all relax and not worry about who is safely captaining your vessel. If you hire a pro, they know all the great spots to stop for a swim and where all the best sandbar hang-outs are. If you find a marina that’s next to a bar, you can eat after your day ends and hang out at the bar to finish your night. Just make sure you have a safe ride to get back to where you’re staying.

    • Taylor Marine (King)- Next to Clearwater Harbor. Rents multiple sized pontoons with driver, as well has kayaks and paddleboards.

    • Becker Marine (King)- Next to the Wheelhouse. Rents pontoons, kayaks, and paddleboards

    • Mirror Lake Boat Rentals (Dells)- Right by Mirror Lake State Park Campground. Close to Ishnala Supper Club

  • Pedal Pubs – A pedal pub is a picnic table that can be pedaled around town on a tour of local bars. This laid-back option provides fun for 8-14 people in a great atmosphere

    • Capitol Pedalers- Madison

    • Foxy Pedaler- Green Bay

    • Pedal Tavern- Milwaukee

  • Comedy Clubs (ND) – Comedy clubs are notoriously full of entertainment. Some have a minimum drink limit and age restriction to get in but can be a great option for a laugh filled night out.

  • Bowling (MS, ND) – Great place to start a fun night out. Loosen up with some group fun and a few drinks. Many bowling alleys have food in-house as well

  • Paintballing (MS, ND) – A little friendly competition can be a great group-bonding experience!


  • Beer Olympics – There are a tons of awesome drinking games out there! Why not put them to use? Beer pong, flip cup, hammerschlagen, and many more. Since copious amounts of drinking will be taking place, we really suggest combining this with the camping weekend. Whether at one of Wisconsin’s amazing campgrounds or in someone’s backyard. Make a whole weekend out of it. Games, drinking, grilling out. A relatively economical idea that will guarantee loads of fun.

  • Deep sea fishing (MS, ND) – I know, I know. Wisconsin is nowhere near the sea! But we are fortunate enough to have the Great Lakes. There are several fishing charter companies all along the coast of Lake Michigan, from the tip of Door county to the border of Illinois.

    • Jack’s Charter Service- Milwaukee

    • Willie Bee Charters- Two Rivers

    • Silver Strike Fishing- Baileys Harbor

  • Gun Range (MS, ND) – There are gun ranges all over the state. Spend the day shooting and having fun.

  • Car shows (MS, ND) – Wisconsin has one of the biggest car shows in the country. The Iola car show attracts thousands of people every year. There’s also Symco for those who enjoy more of the customs or hotrods.

  • Beer Tours – It’s Wisconsin! Set up a brewery tour to get everyone primed for the day. Go on your own tours or use Madison and Milwaukee’s Hop Heads Bike and Brews. It’s a guided bike (or bus) tour of historic breweries.


  • Door County Winefest – In June, Door County has its annual Winefest, a festival that brings together 8 of Door County's wineries. For $30, you get a wine glass to take around to each winery and taste test all their different wines! If you find a wine you like, you can buy tickets to purchase a full glass or even a whole bottle. Live music and food add to what is sure to be a great day  

  • Boudoir Party (MS, ND) – Gather your ladies together for an empowering, confidence-boosting photo session before you head out on the town! Each lady that signs up will get an individual photo session and edited images. There will be refreshments on-hand, music playing, and a positive, laughter-filled atmosphere to make everyone feel at home. Ladies who don’t sign up for a photo session are more than welcome to come hang out, sip some bubbly, and celebrate the bride-to-be. For more information, contact yours truly (KLEM Studios) to find out about the packages I offer!

  • Dells Weekend (MS, ND) – Besides waterparks, the Dells have spas, shopping, sestaurants, and tons of other fun activities to enjoy with your girls.

  • Wine tour in Door County – Did you miss Winefest? Go on a winery tour! There are several companies in Door County that will take you out in a trolley to multiple wineries around the county.

  • Washington Island Weekend (MS, ND) – Off the tip of Door County, just a 30-minute ferry ride away, is Washington Island. Visit the Fragrant Isle lavender fields, stop at Nelsen's Hall to take bitters shots and join the Bitters Club, or visit old Scandinavian churches! The Washington Island Campground can provide the perfect basecamp for all your adventures (bonus, the owners are a past KLEM Studios couple!). There are a few lodges as well near the museums, trails, and lighthouses. For more Washington Island travel suggestions, feel free to email me!

  • Spa Day (MS, ND) – Great Way to relax before the wedding.

  • Cooking Class (MS, ND) – Fun way to bond and learn something new! Many places will let you book a private course.

    • Sur La Table- Madison

    • The Wire Wisk-Appleton

    • Savory Creations- La Crosse

    • 416 Cuisine- Green Bay

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are a chance for your favorite people to gather and celebrate the fact that you've found the one you're going to spend the rest of your life with. Your wedding journey is an incredible adventure, and these are just a few fun ideas to inspire you. Have questions about any of the options listed, or have a suggestions of an activity I should add to the list? Let me know!

Raising my glass to you,