Are you getting quality sleep? | Guest Blog by Dr. Corinne Spencer | PhD Neuroscientist + Transformational Health and Life Coach

A quick note from Kate

Corinne is a fierce female entrepreneur that I’m lucky to call a friend. We are connected through our coaching program, and had the opportunity to meet in person at a retreat in Savannah, Georgia earlier this year. While there, we took advantage of the gorgeous backdrop the city provided to updated her brand photos. It was such a joy to spend quality time with Corinne! As a PhD Neuroscientist + Transformational Health and Life Coach, Corinne is full of so much valuable knowledge so I asked her to share some tips for you amazing women.

Corinne is a PhD neuroscientist and a transformational health and life coach. It’s her mission to serve and empower people who have a legacy of Alzheimer’s disease so they can come out from the cloud of worry and fear about getting Alzheimer’s and embrace the full possibility of a vibrant and fulfilling Third Act of Life*. Through education and coaching, she helps them incorporate lasting, effective lifestyle changes to keep their brains and mindsets healthy.

Corinne’s interest in the brain originated from the experience of her grandmother having Alzheimer’s disease when she was a teenager. She eventually became a neuroscientist and studied the genes behind stress, and learning and memory for 30 years. In 2013 Corinne was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Being a neuroscientist, she knew that pre-diabetes meant that her brain was already starting to look like an Alzheimer’s brain, and she did not want to go down that path. In the process of reversing her pre-diabetes, she realized that she had the power to transform her own life, and wanted to learn how to help others discover their power and have their own transformations. In 2016, inspired by new research about effective lifestyle changes for reversing dementia, Corinne discovered the world of transformational health coaching and embarked on a new career as an entrepreneur.

Corinne loves to give talks at local senior centers about brain health. One of the most important pillars of good brain health is sleep. It’s recommended that adults get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. But what is even more important for your brain is getting quality sleep, which means enough deep sleep and REM sleep. During deep sleep, the brain is removing waste products and toxins via the glymphatic system. During REM sleep the brain is reviewing the day’s events, deciding what memories should be encoded in the neurons and building the structures to support those memory pathways. 

To get a good night’s sleep, Corinne recommends a “power down hour”. One hour before bedtime, turn off your screens (computer, phone, TV, etc). Excessive blue-light from screens blocks melatonin release and interferes with sleep. This is a good time to do something relaxing, like take a bath, have a cup of herbal tea, read off-screen, journal, meditate or pray. Avoid eating right before bed. Then, off to bed in a cool, dark, quiet environment for 7-9 hours. 

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*What’s the “Third Act of Life”? Long ago life was considered over at age 65. No longer! We can live into our 100’s now. The period of life age 65-100+ has been termed the “Third Act”.