Green Bay Family Photography: Welcome Odin Jack!

There are moments in our lives that we know changed everything forever, dates that will always have significance for us. On June 8th, 2017, Sammie and Kyle's lives changed for the better. At 10:08am, they welcomed little Odin Jack into the world. Weighing in at 7 lbs 6oz, this bundle of joy was already filling hearts with love and appreciation. We celebrated Odin's birth in Sammie and Kyle's home, showering him with endless kisses and outfit changes. Soft coos would squeak out of Odin's perfect little lips every so often, his tiny fingers searching for Mom and Dad. He is going to grow up right in front of us, sometimes in small ways, and other times in leaps and bounds. But we got to preserve these moments and memories forever, allowing us to always look back on where it all started. Welcome home, Odin Jack, and congratulations to parents Sammie and Kyle!

Much love and appreciation,

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