Green Bay Family Photography: The McGown Family


I have had the pleasure of working with this amazing family for the past three years. Husband Jeremy would stop in at Anduzzi's when I was a bartender there, and we got to talking about family and photography one day. He mentioned that his wife was pregnant, and I inquired if I could work with them to build my portfolio. Three years later, and after roughly eight sessions together, I was honored to meet little Lucian and Oriana, the beautiful twins that Jeremy and Tara brought into this world just a few weeks ago.

New life is so incredibly precious, and these two babes were no exception. Between their thirsty mews and their silent yawns, we were graced with their smiles and content, sleeping faces. I swear I could have snuggled those two all day long. Not to mention that newborn baby smell they were just radiating! Their big brother, Graeson, was eager to be a part of the action. He would carefully hold one of the twins, taking care to support their head and shower them with kisses. It was hard to tell who was more proud, Graeson, or his parents. I could go on and on about how touching and special this session was, but I will let the images speak for themselves...

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