Green Bay Boudoir Photography: Miss S's Studio Session

There's something to be said for creating a business that allows you to be surrounded by brave, empowering women on a consistent basis. So many ladies reach out to KLEM Studios inquiring about boudoir sessions with a bit of excitement and a LOT of nervousness. They're giddy with possibility and the sexy secret they have to keep for a few months before debuting the images to their groom-to-be, or husband, or boyfriend. Miss S was so excited about planning her secret session to surprise her fiancè as his wedding gift. She confessed that she is a terrible liar, but thought she would be able to keep everything under wraps until her wedding the next month.

Miss S chose to work with the KLEM Studios glamour team to pamper herself during her session prep. Shimmer Salon and Studios in Green Bay styled Miss S's hair in a look that was gorgeous, full, and would stand up to the tousling and fluffing it would receive during the boudoir session. I love my glamour team because not only to my boudoir ladies look AMAZING afterwards, but the team does an incredible job of making the girls feel relaxed and loved. Makeup styling in the KLEM Studios prep space was provided by Mary Kay's Sara Stocker. Sara specializing in accenting the boudoir ladies' already beautiful features and making them perfectly camera ready. 

After Miss S had enjoyed a glass of bubbly during her session prep, we turned up some country music and made Miss S the star of the show. To add personal touches to her session, Miss S brought her veil and one of Mr. J's work shirts. These made for such great details to work with. Miss S is hands down one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She has a kind soul that just shines from within through her eyes and smile. Her now husband, Mr. J, clearly has captured her attention and heart. When she talks about him, her eyes shine even brighter and her smile grows. Miss S walked out of her session standing tall and glowing; I think I even spotted a little sashay in her walk!

What many ladies don't realize when they book their boudoir session is that not only is this going to be a gift for their significant other, it's a gift for themselves as well. We live in a world where unfortunately a woman's physical appearance is harshly judged, whether they are "too thick", "too thin", "too revealing", "too conservative". It can be hard to find a safe, positive space to express ourselves in a way that embraces our femininity and bravery and makes us feel like the total rockstars we are. Boudoir gives ladies the chance to love their bodies and their personalities, making their sessions their own and bringing their unique style and flair to the forefront. The bonus is that boudoir is a highly personal gift that keeps on giving. Years from now, these ladies will have these images documenting a time in their life when they were incredibly strong and daring, and the images will be a sort of talisman that will allow them to channel some of that positive energy for years to come. 

Miss S is an exceptional woman, inside and out. I am so proud of her for believing in herself. I know Mr J is going to be thrilled when he receives his wedding gift of a lifetime. I wish you both years of happiness and adventure. Remember how spontaneous this boudoir session was, and keep that spunk in your relationship for the years to come. Thank you for trusting KLEM Studios to take care of you and your ideas.

Much love and appreciation,

BoudoirLauren Grier