Green Bay Boudoir Photography: Megan Heats Things Up


I absolutely adore boudoir sessions and the ladies that ask me to take these intimate, playful photos. These girls giggle, feel empowered, and comes to the session excited and ready to own the world. It empowers incredible women to step outside their comfort zones, love themselves, and indulge in their own beauty and happiness. Megan was so crazy confident when she came to her session, it just blew my mind!

Megan was getting married in 2016, and she wanted to give her high school sweetheart and groom-to-be a wedding present that would knock his socks off.  There is a gorgeous boutique hotel in town that was kind enough to serve as our beautiful shooting space. The classic colors and mood of the room perfectly accented Megan's sultry, effortless persona she was channeling. I have a feeling her now-husband was thoroughly pleased with the results of our afternoon of fun! Take a look for yourselves...

BoudoirLauren Grier