Green Bay Boudoir Photography: Finding Confidence and Self-Love


So many ladies reach out to me, inquiring about the boudoir experience I offer, saying they want to gift the images to their significant other but they don't have a ton of confidence or self-love. We live in a world where women are continually judged by their appearance. We're judged by men, we're judged by other women, and we judge ourselves. Society puts so much emphasis on how we look and not enough emphasis on personality, morals, and emotional strength. Now I'm not saying I love how I look. I partake in negative self-talk almost daily where I think to myself "I wish my tummy was more toned" or "Are these couple pounds I've put on noticeable?" Even writing that out makes me cringe and feel very self-conscious. Andy makes an effort every day to tell me that I'm beautiful, which is wonderful and kind, but I have to feel it inside myself. I look at old photos of myself and wish I could look like that again. Why do I tell you this? Because I know what it's like to have insecurities.

I also know what it's like to feel beautiful and confident. When I get all dolled up to go out with my girls and put on a cute outfit, I feel pretty great. The two times I booked boudoir sessions, I felt like a rockstar afterwards. I've hand picked two ladies to be my glamour team that provides my boudoir girls with professional hair and makeup styling. They take the already-beautiful you and accent the best parts, just like we do when we style ourselves for a night out. Except they do it even better. Imagine how you feel when you wing your eyeliner just right, your lashes are popping, your contouring is on point, and you're having an incredible hair day. You'll get that same feeling without having to do any of the work yourself. You get to sit there with a glass of sparkling wine in hand, be pampered, and get amped up for your session. 

Now, I know what you're going to say. You're going to tell me that it's easy to feel pretty good about yourself when you're fully clothed, not when you're baring it all for the camera. I've got good news, sister. You know that feeling when you're standing on the edge of a dock, toes peeking out over the water, debating if you're going to jump in because you know the water is going to be cold? Then there's that feeling, that rush when you decide you're going to do it, you leap, and before you hit the water, a wave of exhilaration washes over you. You dive in, and once you bob to the surface, you feel refreshed and confident and on top of the world. That's the same feeling you're going to get from your boudoir experience. Before your session, we're going to talk about what you feel most confident about, and what makes your knees shake. We're going to discuss what makes you feel sexiest, and what new lingerie pieces will compliment you the most. Even more importantly, I am going to make you feel so comfortable during your session and give you step-by-step guidance for poses that are incredibly flattering. 

Boudoir gives you a chance to celebrate yourself and where you are at this exact point in your life, whether you're creating a gift for your husband-to-be, or surprising your husband for your 30th anniversary. It's a safe space to express yourself and your femininity where I promise you won't be judged by me or anyone else. I see you, I support you, and I'm going to shower you with love. You deserve to feel this great, and you are valuable enough to indulge in the boudoir experience. When you make the decision to book a boudoir session, it's not just a gift for your significant other. You're giving yourself a gift, validating your worth and investing in your happiness and confidence. What could be greater than that? When you see your images and hold your products in your hands, you will have a physical reminder of how amazing you are, and how brave you were in that moment. You'll have that talisman to channel all that positive energy for the rest of your life. 

Below, I'm sharing a little proof with you that I don't just talk the talk. I look at that image, and I'm reminded of how fearless that girl was. She said "yes" to adventure and possibilities. She was brave. So tell me, friend, don't you want to feel that, too?

With hugs and love,

Photo Credit: Life Moments

Photo Credit: Life Moments

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