Green Bay Boudoir Photography: Brittany Heats Things Up


Boudoir sessions are one of my favorite sessions to photograph. There's so much excitement, anticipation, and laughter with boudoir. It empowers incredible women to step outside their comfort zones, love themselves, and indulge in their own beauty and happiness. Brittany brought along a friend to help calm her nerves, which I totally recommend for if the champagne I bring doesn't do the trick ;)

Brittany reached out to me when she saw I was offering boudoir mini sessions this summer. At the time, Brittany had an upcoming wedding (she got married this past weekend!) and wanted to surprise her groom-to-be with a hot wedding gift. Lord knows she was nervous, but the excitement outweighed any lingering anxiety as we started the shoot. There is a gorgeous boutique hotel in town that was kind enough to serve as our beautiful shooting space. Brittany completely rocked her session and I'm sure her groom got the gift of a lifetime! Take a look for yourselves...

BoudoirLauren Grier