Chanel + Kelvin’s In-Home Couple’s Session

Chanel and Kelvin went into this in-home session with KLEM Studios’ associate photographer, Krista, knowing the two wanted to document their love for one another. Chanel also knew it was the perfect opportunity to get her sister, Krista, all the way to Fargo, North Dakota, where they lived. Chanel, having modeled in college and been in front of the camera probably more times than we can count, was ready to share the spotlight with Kelvin, who had never been in front of the camera. Needless to say, Kelvin was extremely nervous! Although Chanel didn’t say it, she was nervous too; because this photo session was with someone she deeply cared about. 

The very first day Krista met Kelvin, she knew he was going to marry her sister, Chanel. Krista sent him a message saying, “When you start ring shopping, let me know!” Kelvin responded, “Well, we’ve only been dating a few months by now, but if something happens, I’ll let you know.” Krista told him, “Look, I know when I see love, so I know it will happen. When it does, let me know!” During the time of their photo session, Chanel and Kelvin had been dating around five months, and were in the exciting process of moving in together. Not only that, but the night before, Kelvin told Krista that he bought the ring! He showed Krista pictures of the design, all smiles. This in-home session started out as a fun way to take pictures of them as a couple, into a look at their hopes and dreams for their future.  

During Chanel and Kelvin’s session, knowing Kelvin’s plans, Krista prompted the two about their future. “Where do you see yourselves in five years? Where do you see your relationship going?” That’s where lots of their soft smiles come in. Both of them, in the most shy manner possible, talked about their excitement to have kids, get married, and have a home. They relaxed a bit more, and in between shots, talked about their favorite parts of the other. Throughout envisioning their life together and describing the way Kelvin listens to Chanel, and the way she supports him in everything he does, the session was a lot easier than they thought it would be—not to mention fun! The vibe was intimately romantic, and touching for Krista to witness two very driven people—one being her sister—show their love for one another.  

The biggest part of the story, though, is Kelvin’s decision to marry Chanel. (Krista: “I told you so!”) Even though they had known each other for a short period of time, they were both in the frame of mind of knowing what they wanted out of life and each other. Chanel and Kelvin have such respect for one another and their families. They trust and believe in each other to let love take over.  

Krista had so much fun with her sister, Chanel and now fiancé, Kelvin! Kelvin proposed to Chanel a couple weeks ago during their hike to Machu Picchu in Peru. We are all happy for Chanel and Kelvin! Krista can’t wait for their wedding day, and was honored to be apart of their couple’s session. 

Much love and appreciation,

Kate (and Krista!)